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bGREEN Plant Protein (For men & women)

Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted using Pea & Brown Rice isolate to give you...
Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted u...
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bGREEN Plant Protein (Jar)

  Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted using Pea & Brown Rice isolate to give...
  Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted ...
Rs. 2,999

Best Sellers: The Hottest Products (bGREEN’s Best VEGAN Supplements)

Here is a month on month revised list of our best selling products that you have supported and loved throughout. From proteins to pre-workouts, high-protein peanut butter, multivitamins and all plant-based fitness products that made it to the top have been listed for you to choose from. 

How Do We Design Our Best Vegan Supplements List?

  • These products are the most purchased products from our website
  • The list is entirely based out of customer purchase preference
  • This page reflects all top-selling best vegan supplements on bGREEN

Here’s a category-wise list of out best-sellers starting with the best plant plant based protein powder range.


Best VEGAN Protein Powder:

bGREEN 100% VEGAN Plant Based Protein (For Men & Women)

Our most-loved post-workout supplement that is winning not only the vegan markets but also luring non-vegans with a swamp for all the good reasons. It is definitely your post-workout bud when it comes to stamina, strength growth & recovery, but is also the healthiest choice you will make for yourself. 

What makes it truly the best vegan protein powder is the certification it holds for 100% plant-based authenticity by the oldest vegan society, i.e. The VEGAN Society, U.K. 

bGREEN 100% plant-based protein contains:

  • 25g pure plant protein
  • 4.6 BCAA
  • Vitamin C, E & B12 for immunity & recovery
  • Green tea for antioxidants

bGREEN is the best plant based protein powder when you put health first. Here’s what makes it a healthier choice:

  • Hypoallergenic blend thereby no allergies
  • Lactose-free thereby, no bloating or gut issues
  • Gluten-free 
  • Soy-free
  • 100% VEGAN 

It is the best vegan protein powder for those who are lactose intolerant or have gluten allergy.

An active lifestyle requires on the go nutrition for stamina and energy. bGREEN vegan protein provides the necessary protein for muscle recovery and growth in the most healthiest way making it a great post-workout shake for athletes and those into fitness. 

You can choose from 3 delicious flavours of our best plant based protein powder namely, chocolate, strawberry & cafe mocha. To keep it budget-friendly, start with the 6 servings assorted pack (containing all 3 flavours). 


Best Selling Peanut Butter

bGREEN 100% Vegan Protein Peanut Butter

Taking your expectations from your regular peanut butter and creating them into a new reality, with the healthiest peanut butter ever. 

Not your regular peanut butter, it is a pre/post-workout snack that gives you the stamina & energy you need to keep going. This is what makes it a hit & probably the best peanut butter ever for those who love natural and unsweetened spreads.

  • Highest protein content with 38g peanut butter per 100g
  • Protein sourced from 100% plant based protein sources (peas & brown rice) 
  • Zero added salts & sugars
  • Only Good Fats
  • Unsweetened & Crunchy

With all natural ingredients this is one of the cleanest and in fact best peanut butter when you are rooting for the high protein content. Many proteins in the market tend to source their protein from whey, but bGREEN 100% vegan protein peanut butter, as the name suggests contains 100% vegan protein. 

This product is an absolute choice for those who are into fitness and highly depend on grab and go snacks, as it is perfect when it comes to instant protein/stamina boost.


Best Green Powder Supplements For Pre-Workout

bGREEN Pre-Sports Endurance Mix

After good market research, we came up with a mix with the strongest pre-workout ingredient that naturally boosts stamina and improves endurance. bGREEN pre-sport endurance mix, is beetroot infused formula and here’s what makes it a crowd favorite:

  • Beetroot & coconut based MCT blend 
  • RedNite, clinically proven to boost stamina
  • Supports energy
  • Improves endurance
  • Zero stimulants so no jittery feeling
  • Improves muscle firing rate 

For those of you athletes and fitness folks who train for that extra rep and extra lap, this is all you need to kill that workout. It adds a great deal to your endurance and for those of you who struggle big time with caffeine side-effects (jitteriness, dizziness,etc.), beet infused pre workout is the finest drink you will add to your routine for powered workout. 


bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix

Another pre-workout fuel dedicatedly for explosive workouts that require that extra caffeine kick. 

This is why you should consume bGREEN pre-workout energy mix:

  • Natural caffeine for stamina & focus
  • Beetroot for energy and endurance
  • Herbs like ashwagandha & ginseng to boost your performance

If you want to experience that intense workout session with equal intensity then choose this herbs infused path. Our bGREEN pre workout energy mix is definitely a must for caffeine lovers. Helps in staying much more focused and active.


Best Vegan Supplement For Boosting Immunity Levels Post-Workout 


bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout


Among our best vegan supplements, our citrus vitamin C occupies a prominent place as adding an immunity supplement to our routine is essential. Although our diet makes up for it as long as we consume citrus fruits but with a busy lifestyle, following it can be challenging. bGREEN citrus vitamin C comes in handy, especially for those who follow intense workout sessions. 


Did you know? Intense training & workout sessions can lead to immunosuppression, which means a drop in your immunity levels. Our supplements with added zinc helps in restoring it.


Why add bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C to your post-workout routine?


  • For daily immunity, energy & recovery
  • Restores immunity levels post-intense workouts
  • 4 natural citrus fruits
  • All natural vitamin C
  • Added zinc for better iron absorption


1 scoop daily is all you need to restore your immunity. 


Best VEGAN Supplements For Healthier Hair, Skin, Nails & Bones

bGREEN Plant Based Herb Biotin


Biotin is an essential protein for hair which helps with keratin production that further leads to stronger, glossier and healthier hair. bGREEN biotin is 100% plant-based with the power of herbs like Fenugreek Seed Extract, Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract & Panax ginseng for hair health.


Here’s why you should start today:


  • 10000 mcg natural biotin
  • 350mg natural bamboo shoot extract
  • 100mg Covi-Ox (Vitamin E) which is a powerful antioxidant
  • 30mg herbs
  • Delicious fruit punch flavour 


bGREEN plant based biotin prevents hair thinning, supports healthier scalp and aids hair growth.


bGREEN Plant-Based Real Collagen Builder


100% plant-based solution which contains not 1 but all 4 essential ingredients necessary for wrinkles-free radiant skin, luscious hair and stronger nails. 


Here’s why you should start with bGREEN plant based collagen builder in your mid 20s:


  • 10000mcg natural biotin for glossier & stronger 
  • 50mg hyaluronic acid for skin hydration & elasticity (wrinkles & fine lines prevention)
  • 200mg L-GLUTATHIONE for skin radiance & glow
  • 100mg vitamin C for UV protection & healthier nails
  • Natural bamboo shoot extract for hair health


Our body’s collagen production process declines as we age, especially when we hit 25. bGREEN plant-based real collagen builder helps restoring and rejuvenating this process by facilitating the body to build collagen naturally. 


bGREEN Plant-Based All Natural Calcium


Calcium is super essential when it comes to the strength of our bones and teeth. Essentially for those who undergo workout sessions and intense physical training which indirectly have an impact on the bones. Our 100% vegan calcium capsules:


  • Bone strength & health
  • Aids with immunity 
  • Boosts energy
  • Facilitates calcium binding and absorption
  • Contains vitamins D3, K2, C, and magnesium
  • Stronger and healthier bones & teeth


Consume 2 capsules a day to restore the calcium balance.


Best Multivitamin For Vegetarians & Vegans


bGREEN Supergreens & Fruits Multivitamins Masala & Unflavoured


One of our best-sellers, loved for its spectacular taste as much for its benefits. bGREEN supergreens & fruits is a multivitamins powder that makes up for our 100% daily vitamins, iron & zinc requirement.


Here’s why you should add this to your routine:


  • 100% RDA of vitamins, iron & zinc
  • Power of superfoods & alkalizing greens like spirulina & moringa
  • 5 natural & powerful blends including antioxidants & anti-inflammatory blend
  • Stronger immunity
  • Energy booster
  • Enriched with fiber 
  • Best green powder, taste-wise


Cover your daily gap in micronutrients with just 1 scoop of supergreens & fruits. It is available in two flavours, with our Masala flavour being the real heart-stealer. If you do not like green powders that taste like green, switch to bGREEN as this may be undoubtedly the best multivitamin for vegetarians or non-vegetarians, all alike, taste-wise. It is India’s first delicious supergreens powder.


bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamin


Made with superfoods and wholefoods blend, bGREEN plant based natural multivitamin comes with a complete vitamins profile for daily micronutrients and energy. It lands a prominent place alongside our best green powder supplement. This is why should add it to your routine:


  • Complete vitamins profile
  • Energy boost with 2 capsules daily
  • Superfoods & wholesome foods like acerola, moringa, guava, lemon & basil
  • For general well-being
  • Enriched with B vitamins
  • Helps delay fatigue & maintains metabolic function
  • Vitamin A, C & D3 for daily immunity 
  • Healthier skin & hair


Just two capsules a day are sufficient for your daily micronutrients needs. Given its plant-based nature, it may easily be the best multivitamin for vegetarians/vegans or non-vegetarians/non-vegans, all alike. 


Our products might easily be the best vegan supplements you would add to your routine irrespective of the kind of lifestyle you follow. Sedentary or active, excessive physical training or intense training sessions, we all need the right nutrition and supplementation to keep going & thankfully, there is something for everyone at bGREEN.