bGREEN Plant Protein (For men & women)

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Made with natural ingredients, our classic plant protein isolate for your daily workouts, recovery & stamina


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    Craving a delicious and powerful plant-based protein powder that keeps you going?

    Look no further than bGREEN's Plant Protein in the ever-so-delicious Chocolate flavor! This meticulously crafted formula uses premium pea protein,delivering a silky smooth texture that banishes chalky aftertaste.

    bGREEN isn't just protein, it's your performance partner. Packed with all 9 essential amino acids, it provides the building blocks your body craves to sculpt lean muscle, achieve effective weight management, and accelerate post-workout recovery. All this while being kind to your body and the planet.

    1. Build, sculpt & recover: 22g of bGREEN plant protein per scoop delivers the building blocks you need to sculpt that lean, mean, and strong body you've always dreamed of.

    2. Your weight management ally: Our balanced protein and carb profile is lower in calories than traditional protein sources, making it your secret weapon for achieving a toned physique without starving yourself.

    3. Heart-health champion: Support your heart while you crush your goals. Unlike sugary protein powders, bGREEN boasts a superior low-cholesterol profile. This allows you to fuel your workouts with confidence, knowing you're making a smart choice for your cardiovascular health.

    4. Bloating? Not on our watch: Squeezed a workout in to feel more lean and active, but just got that post-protein puff? The pea protein in bGREEN is gentle on your stomach so that you can experience digestive ease with gentle pea protein, allowing your muscles to focus on recovery, not discomfort.

    5. Easy on your gut, safe for your health: Crafted for individuals with varied lifestyles, bGREEN is allergen-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, and soy-free, so that you can focus on pure results, not restrictions.

    6. Craving a chocolaty delight? Here’s your guilt-free answer: bGREEN Plant Protein has a rich chocolate flavor that is so good, that you'll forget you're actually doing something good for your body!

    7. Make a difference, the bGREEN way: Made with non-GMO, plant-based ingredients, bGREEN is a healthy and sustainable choice for you and the planet. In a way, you’re saving the planet, one delicious shake at a time!

    Product Benefits

    1. Performance powerhouse: Each 22g scoop of bGREEN plant protein is packed with the essential building blocks to forge strong, lean muscle. Watch your physique transform as you reach your fitness peak.

    2. Struggling with weight management? This is for you: bGREEN's perfectly balanced protein and carb blend boasts fewer calories, making it your ideal partner in conquering your weight management goals. Enjoy a toned physique and peak performance.

    3. Perfect for your heart-healthy lifestyle: bGREEN is free from added sugars and boasts a superior low-cholesterol profile. It allows you to optimize your workouts while keeping your heart happy and healthy.

    4. Easy on the gut: Gentle pea protein is the hero of bGREEN, promoting comfortable and worry-free digestion. Focus on recovering faster, not stomach discomfort.

    5. Deliciously satisfying flavor: Reaching your fitness goals doesn't have to be a flavorless journey. bGREEN's smooth and delightful chocolate taste makes every sip a satisfying step toward your fitness dreams.

    Step 1
    Add 1 level scoop to 300ml milk or water
    Step 2
    Shake for 20-30 seconds in a shaker
    Step 3
    Enjoy your protein packed drink.
    Faster Recovery

    Faster Recovery

    Handpicked ingredients with the power of nature to help you recover faster after your workout or daily activities
    Bone Strength

    Bone Strength

    Build stronger bones with ingredients that support a healthy bone development
    Stronger Immunity

    Stronger Immunity

    Ingredients to boost your immunity sourced from plants for a lasting impact
    Energy Booster

    Energy Booster

    Fuel up your energy levels & keep fatigue away with high quality natural ingredients designed for sports performance & daily activities

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is plant protein safe for consumption? 

    Yes, plant protein is totally safe to consume. bGREEN is a 100% plant-based protein that is made from the finest sources and contains no harmful chemicals.

    I do not work out. Can I still consume bGREEN?

    Yes, you can. bGREEN is a source of protein that is made from 100% plant and natural sources. It helps you complete your daily protein intake, which is the need of every individual irrespective of their lifestyle and activity levels.

    Is plant protein inferior to animal protein?

    No, not in any way. Plant protein is a complete protein source as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. It gives you all the benefits you obtain from animal protein. It contains fewer calories and fats than animal protein, which can help you restrict your calorie intake and maintain a healthy weight..

    Can athletes/bodybuilders consume plant protein?

    Yes, athletes and bodybuilders can rely on plant-based protein as it helps improve recovery, endurance, and strength, which is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle.

    What is bGREEN made up of?

    bGREEN is a 100% plant-based protein supplement that is made up of pea protein isolate

    Will I experience digestive issues while consuming bGREEN?

    No, you will not. bGREEN is enriched with a blend of plant-based enzymes, namely papain, and bromelain. These enzymes enable faster and better absorption of protein and also aid in digestion which allows you to experience little to no digestive discomfort.

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