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Bgreener's Speaks

“I’m a bodybuilder and have been working out for over a decade. I have always had an issue with digesting whey-based proteins and was never satisfied with the results I got from plant proteins. But after trying Bgreen my opinion has changed. Must try.”

Vishnu Khanna Delhi

“BGREEN!!! Hats off to you guys for cracking such an amazing flavor in plant protein, it is absolutely smooth. Love how the chocolate flavor stays in my mouth after I am done with it. Total fan.”

Akansha Delhi

“I really like its taste, not too sweet and it gives me perfect recovery after my heavy workouts. Consistency is amazing and best tasting plant protein in the market”

Abhishek Thevar Bangalore

“I have been searching for a good-tasting, high-performance plant protein that I can use in my daily routine in different ways. Love BGREEN's texture and cocoa chocolate taste that just makes my breakfast smoothie yum!!”

Mitali Sharma Mumbai

“I never thought a plant protein could give me such good recovery and such good results but bGREEN surprised me with its high-quality plant-based ingredients. This doesn't have a gritty taste & is smooth to drink.”

Mridul Sharma Ghaziabad

Our Story

bGREEN isn't just about going natural, it's about forging a deeper connection with nature as you transform yourself. We source the finest ingredients, bringing you the best plant-powered products to fuel your journey.

Our Ingredient Philosophy

  • Lactose-free
  • Soy Free
  • No Added Sugars
  • Non GMO
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bGREEN By Bright Lifecare: India’s Authentic Plant-Based Supplementation & Nutrition Brand

Have you been looking for a way to fuel your performance, in a clean, plant-powered way?

Your wish is bGREEN’s command, and we're here to redefine fitness for everyone who wants to push their limits the natural way.

Here, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are our fuel (and we’re yours!). We're obsessed with crafting the cleanest, most effective plant-based nutrition to power your daily grind and active lifestyle. That's why we created our plant protein range: a delicious, convenient way to crush your protein needs, every single day.

bGREEN - Trusted Plant-Based Nutrition Supplement Brand

At bGREEN, compassion fuels our mission. We believe in treating all living things with respect, which is why we fight animal cruelty by offering a plant-based protein alternative.

But going cruelty-free doesn't mean sacrificing results. We use only the cleanest ingredients to craft protein powders that you can trust. Plus, our products are 100% safe for everyone, being non-dairy, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Your Performance Essentials: The bGREEN Way

Our products feed your training hunger, focusing on each individual's need for healthy nutrition Our range is scientifically formulated to deliver the exact macro-nutrients you need to:

         -  Power through workouts

         -  See real progress

         -  Build strength and endurance

         -  Optimize your recovery

Sports Nutrition Range: bGREEN Plant Protein

bGREEN's plant protein is the cleanest, greenest way to fuel your body, whether you're crushing workouts or just crushing life's daily challenges

Made with top-notch, plant-based sources like pea protein isolate, bGREEN delivers a complete amino acid profile, putting it on par with whey and other protein options. Plant-based protein can be a pain, but bGREEN's smooth and non-gritty tastes makes it a delicious choice for everyone. From everyday wellness warriors to gym rats, bGREEN helps you reach your peak – faster recovery, stronger you! bGREEN: plant-powered protein for everyone, every goal. 

How Is The Online Shopping Experience With bGREEN?

Our customers love purchasing through our website from segments allotted to the respective product categories. 

bGREEN considers purity of products, quality checks, and effective results as our utmost responsibility and ensures that at every step for our products.