Sourcing Authentic Plant Power For You

With every ingredient, carefully picked for the best of your health & to help you reach your fitness goals, bGREEN aims to power your journey with the most authentic plant-based nutrition, that is high-performance, gluten-free, dairy-free, & free from any artificial flavors.

Plant-Based As A Way Of Life

If you’re not used to this, it may sound a tad bit tough, but, trust us when we tell you it is a path worth taking. Numerous studies have established multiple benefits of a plant-based diet on your health.

Improved Performance: Plant-based athletes can reach higher performance levels through a faster recovery rate.

Improved Heart health: A plant-based diet helps in reducing cholesterol levels, and blood pressure, hence contributing to improved heart pumping capacity.

Anti Inflammation Effect: Prolonged consumption of a plant-based diet contributes to reducing the inflammation response of the body, thus benefiting athletic performance.

Creating Plant-based Performance As the New Normal

"They say plant-based can't compete. We say ‘Hold our protein shake!’." We are committed to this path, prove the contrary & open up the world to a new norm of plant-based nutrition as a primary fuel for peak performance.