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bGREEN 100% VEGAN Plant Protein (For men & women)

Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted using Pea & Brown Rice isolate to give you...
Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted u...
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What is plant based protein?

Protein sourced from plant based ingredients like pea, brown rice, quinoa, chia seeds, soy, pumpkin seed, etc are known as plant based protein. Plant based proteins are naturally gluten & dairy free, making them a great & safe option for everyone. They are also known to be healthier than whey or animal protein. Our bGREEN plant proteins are made from pea & brown rice protein, making it a complete protein & hypoallergenic blend that doesn’t cause any allergies and gut issues. 

bGREEN plant protein is made from pea powder protein clubbed with brown rice protein, to give you the complete amino acids profile.


bGREEN Plant Protein Benefits:

  1. Promotes muscle growth & stamina : bGREEN plant based protein gives 25g pure plant protein in 1 scoop. It contains all 9 essential amino acids profile making it a complete protein for muscle growth & strength.
  2. Ensures daily immunity, wellness & recovery : Our plant based protein contains Vitamin C & E for supporting daily immunity levels and B12 for post-workout recovery. It also contains green tea for antioxidants.
  3. Supports Weight management : Plant based proteins generally tend to be low in calories and bGREEN plant protein has a balanced protein and carbs profile. It helps in building muscles with a leaner and toned body.
  4. Healthier For Heart & Healthy : Given the plant-based nature of our product it is any day a healthier option to whey protein or animal proteins in the market. Most importantly, the mix contains absolutely zero sugars as we use a natural sweetener, Stevia which is actually a great and healthier alternative to sugar.
  5. Causes No Allergies Like Whey Protein : bGREEN is 100% vegan protein sources from pea and brown rice which makes it a hypoallergenic blend. Our protein is made from non-gmo ingredients that are sourced naturally.
  6. No Gut Issues & Easy Absorption : Our pea protein blend along with brown rice is perfect for those who face a lot of trouble with their stomach digesting protein. bGREEN plant protein is super light on the stomach and causes no bloating effect which is a general concern of consumers who use whey or animal proteins.
  7. Gluten & Dairy Free : One of the best parts about bGREEN plant proteins is that they do not contain gluten and dairy. Our post-workout shake doesn’t contain soy too, making it a 100% safe option for all alike. 


Type of Plant Proteins:

Currently we have two types of plant proteins in our range:

Plant protein for active individuals: If you are someone who works out or engages a lot in physical activities on a daily basis, then our bGREEN plant protein is your best bet for stamina, energy, muscle growth & recovery. It is simply a great choice for gym-goers, workout junkies and athletes. You get 25g plant protein in one scoop for post-workout recovery & muscle growth.

The best plant protein powder for individuals who are involved in a lot of physical activity on a daily basis.

Plant protein for sedentary individuals: bGREEN daily essentials plant protein has been devised specially for consumers who may not necessarily indulge in physical activities but nonetheless need protein on the go for daily wellness. You get 20g of protein in one scoop along with herbs power, for daily immunity and strength. Indeed the best vegan protein powder for everyday protein requirement and general well-being.


bGREEN Plant Protein For Post Workout Recovery & Muscle Mass

Buy the most loved range of vegan protein powder, created to fuel athletic performance on a plant based diet.

Our vegan protein products are power-packed with excellent nutrients comprising vitamin b12 and green tea extract. You can pick your favorite among the 4 flavors available in 3 different sizes, as per your preference.

Choose from our unflavoured, cafe mocha, strawberry, and best-selling chocolate plant protein flavor.

bGREEN plant based protein powder is India’s #1 Internationally Certified vegan protein powder, certified by THE VEGAN Society, U.K. for 100% plant based surety.

What Is bGREEN’s Vegan Protein Made Of?

bGREEN plant protein is a 100% VEGAN protein powder curated from plant based protein sources namely pea and brown rice. Our plant protein is created to match up the active lifestyle of today's athletes and bodybuilders and make up for their protein requirement which sometimes goes missing on a plant based diet.Vegan protein shakes come in handy for a quick protein boost for any physical activity or exercise. It is indeed the best protein vegetarians will find if they put their health as a priority, as much as they put performance first.


Products in the range:


bGREEN 100% VEGAN Plant Protein

Vegan proteins are derived from plant based sources of protein making them naturally healthy and cruelty-free supplements for muscle gain and recovery.


The majority bGREEN plant protein reviews that we receive have people focusing on the many health benefits of our vegan protein. 


Here are some benefits of bGREEN plant protein:

  • Lightness on the gut
  • Easier absorption & digestion
  • Hypoallergenic


The nutritional profile of bGREEN plant based protein:

  • 25g pure plant protein
  • 4.6g BCAA
  • Full amino acids profile
  • Vitamins like Vitamin C, E & B12,
  • 9.8 g EAA
  • Green tea extract & added enzymes


bGREEN plant protein powder has been made keeping in mind the active lifestyle and athletic excellence as a key measure for performance. We created it for stamina, recovery and growth. 


bGREEN Daily Essential Plant Protein (For Men & Women)

Protein is an essential macronutrients for everyone, thereby we created a vegan protein powder for a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of us miss out on our daily protein from our diet due to the everyday hustle. To cover this gap we had to come up with something that aids that and more, your immunity and strength. 


It is a wholesome vegan protein product packed with


  • herbs,
  • vitamins, 
  • minerals & omega


to maintain daily wellness which includes the care for not only your body but also your hair, skin and nails. This pumpkin, brown rice and pea protein blend has a lot of benefits to offer.


Here are some benefits of bGREEN plant protein:


  • Our vegan protein powder has something for everyone
  • Antioxidant blend 
  • Ashwagandha & ginseng to provide daily energy
  • Green tea & bioperine to support muscle recovery & prevent cellular damage
  • Blend of essential vitamins, minerals & omega to boost immunity &
  • Supports daily micronutrient needs


bGREEN Daily Essential Plant Protein powder is suitable for both men and women who want to cover their daily gap of protein while managing their immunity levels and micronutrients. Add this vegan protein product to your routine and experience daily wellness for a healthier lifestyle. It is the best plant based protein supplement for a sedentary lifestyle.


How To Choose The Right Plant Protein For You?

The right protein may vary person to person as per their preference in terms of the taste, texture, after taste, mixability and results. However,

Our range of proteins makes it easier for you to decide:

  • bGREEN Plant Protein: This pack is essentially created for individuals who are into fitness and indulge in active and physical activity on a routine basis. People who are into sports and heavy lifting/ fitness training. 
    Additionally, it comes in 3 delicious flavors and 3 sizes (including our assorted pack that helps you decide your favorite flavor within budgeted price)
  • bGREEN Daily Essentials Plant Protein: This pack is specially formulated for sedentary individuals who do not usually practice a physically active lifestyle or involve themselves in routine sports or intense body-building training.


bGREEN Plant Protein Price


Product Price Rating
bGREEN 100% VEGAN Plant Protein (For men & women) Rs. 2,099 5
bGREEN Daily Essential Plant Protein (For Men & Women) Rs. 1,999 4.5




Best Sources of Vegan Protein

Here are the best sources of vegan protein:

  1. Quinoa
  2. Pulses
  3. Tofu
  4. Nuts & Seeds
  5. Chia Seeds
  6. Chickpeas
  7. Oats
  8. Brown Rice
  9. Broccoli
  10. Mushrooms


How to use Plant Protein?

Plant proteins are post-workout shakes that are necessary for daily stamina, endurance, growth & energy. It helps with stamina boost and muscle gain with regular use. 

1 scoop of bGREEN plant protein powder gives you a whooping 20g-25g protein (1 scoop of daily essential plant protein and bGREEN plant protein respectively). Ideal time to consume this is generally 30 minutes post workout. 

It does keep you feeling full for long without giving you the bloated feeling.


Why Is Vegan Protein Better?

Vegan proteins are sourced from plant protein ingredients making them naturally gluten & dairy free. This means people having such issues can easily digest these proteins, moreover it is lighter on the stomach for all alike. It doesn’t bloat you and causes no gut issues. 

Vegan plant proteins are healthier alternatives to whey and animal protein specially for heart health. Also, bGREEN plant protein is a hypoallergenic blend that doesn’t cause any skin problems or allergies.


Who Should Consume Plant Protein

Protein is essential for everyone. One needs to complete their everyday protein intake which can be a miss from your diet in a hectic lifestyle. Supplements help big time.

bGREEN Plant Protein - is ideal for individuals who are into fitness and an active lifestyle. Generally athletes like runners, swimmers, etc &, body-builders, especially heavy lifters and those who practice intense training.

bGREEN Daily Essential Plant Protein - this is a protein specifically formulated for sedentary individuals who do not indulge into fitness/physical activities and require protein supplement for meeting their body’s daily protein requirements.



Are Vegan Supplements Better Than Whey Supplements/Animal Supplements?

Vegan plant protein supplements are naturally a healthier alternative with the same performance excellence as any other protein supplement in the market. They are naturally gluten and dairy free, which makes them a suitable option for all. Moreover, bGREEN plant protein specifically, causes no allergic reaction (being a hypoallergenic pea blend) and is super light on gut.

Considering all these benefits, a vegan supplement is any day a much healthier choice for all, for performance excellence.


Should Non-Vegetarians Consume bGREEN Plant Protein?

Yes, absolutely. Anyone can consume plant protein and even non-vegetarians can, given its benefits for the body and skin as much for your fitness journey.


Is Vegan Protein Safe For Consumption?

bGREEN plant protein is safe for consumption for everyone given its plant based nature. It is good for skin and gut, as it contains hypoallergenic pea blend. Being a gluten and dairy free blend, it is safe for everyone with or without these problems. 


Does bGREEN Plant Protein Help Athletes And Bodybuilders?

Yes, absolutely. We created this formulation keeping in mind the special requirements of athletes and those who indulge in fitness activities. It contains a whooping 25g protein per scoop with vitamin C, E & B12 for recovery & immunity. The formulation also contains 4.6 BCAA and green tea for antioxidants. 

If you are looking for a complete clean protein to build muscle then this is the perfect choice for you. 


Is plant protein as effective as whey?

A vegan protein is equally effective if it qualifies the necessary amino acid profile. bGREEN plant protein shake contains all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein to rely on for equal performance to whey. Our vegan protein is as effective as any protein in the market in terms of performance.

Moreover, protein products that are plant-based tend to be effective in terms of their performance and come with the added benefit of zero gut issues and allergies.  


Is plant based protein safe?

Vegan proteins from bGREEN are made from plant based sources, naturally a healthy source promoting lower body mass index (BMI) and lower rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. bGREEN 100% plant protein powder is hypoallergenic due to the presence of peas in the mix. Moreover, the best plant based protein powder is one that is free from dairy, gluten, and soy making it an easily digestible vegan protein for all. Henceforth, Our vegan plant protein is a safe choice for all. 


Does green plant based protein taste good?

Vegan proteins tend to have a strong plant based taste which may take some time to adjust for ardent animal-based protein or whey users. However, bGREEN plant protein powder has experimented with various flavors to ensure everyone can enjoy the taste of plant based proteins over and above that strong plant taste.

We even take into consideration the bGREEN plant protein reviews that we receive around the taste to ensure better formulation and taste.

In fact, our bGREEN plant protein products come in 4 delicious flavours that one can choose from.


Can pea protein help in gaining muscle just like whey?

Backed by science, many studies have proven this time and again. Pea protein powders especially have shown the same performance in terms of muscle building and growth as whey protein. Our plant based protein comes with a full amino acids profile thereby, making it a complete protein. Additionally, it comes out as a better alternative to whey protein because it is 100% VEGAN, gluten-free and lactose-free, so best for people with gut issues, lactose intolerance. Additionally, this vegan sport protein is as good for athletes as for bodybuilders.


If I am lactose intolerant, can I consume vegan plant protein?

Our bGREEN plant protein is a 100% vegan protein product that does not contain milk which further contains lactose. Thereby, anyone who finds it hard to digest dairy can rely on this for a happy gut and pleasant performance experience. It is indeed the best vegan protein as anyone can consume it without experiencing any side-effects.


Can a vegan protein shake be a meal replacement?

No, plant protein powder can't replace a meal. But, yes, our plant based protein can keep you satiated for long and it is recommended to take an optimal balanced plant based diet along with your plant protein shake. 

If you are looking for the best plant protein, then buy plant protein that causes no side-effects and is made with natural ingredients to ensure a healthier lifestyle.

If you feel vegan protein powder prices are higher in the market, start with our 6 servings trial pack. Buy our plant protein online at the best price using exclusive coupon codes.