bGREEN Vegan Foods

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Vegan/Plant-based individual or not, our collection of supreme and delicious vegan food products is a must for all.

Why do people love our plant-based food products?

  • bGREEN uses the cleanest & natural ingredients
  • Zero nasties (no added salts, no processed sugars, etc.)
  • Our vegan food supplements have non-GMO ingredients
  • They are lactose-free
  • Best vegan taste that everyone loves &
  • Our plant-based foods are packed with proteins and other essential nutrients

bGREEN Plant-Based Food Supplement:

bGREEN 100% Vegan Protein Peanut Butter


  • Unsweetened, 
  • Crunchy peanut butter
  • High protein,
  • Low fat
  • Zero added salts &
  • Daily RDA of B12

Ideally, best for your morning breakfast. Even better when you take it as a post-workout snack directly or with your smoothies, for an instant protein boost.

Our high protein nut butter is a vegan food product that everyone in the fitness world, from athletes to bodybuilders and our yoga females to every hard-core lifter, loves.

If you are looking for a plant-based food product with fortified B12, our high protein peanut butter is just the right one for you.

bGREEN Plant Protein Smoothie

For every individual whose concern is weight management, we created a plant-based food supplement in two yummilicious flavors, berry delight and green goodness. 


  • Protein Smoothie For weight management
  • High protein, high fiber
  • 100% natural 
  • 15 gm protein, 4 gm fiber 
  • Superfoods carbs & fats blend
  • 5 Supergreens/ 4 Berries blend 
  • Pea & brown rice protein blend

We firmly believe that skipping meals is not healthy and thereby a meal replacement with equal nutrition had to be introduced for those in need. Our vegan food supplement is an easy-to-make and consumed mix for those who want to see results healthily.

Well, it’s a thoughtfully created plant-based food product that provides nutrition as your meal with low calories and tastes just amazing! Need we say more?

bGREEN vegan food products are specially designed to match up an active individual’s lifestyle with a protein & nutrients boost everyday, in the easiest way.

bGREEN Almond Hazelnut Spread

A mouthwatering mix of all natural almond and hazelnut, this chocolate spread is all you need to wake up to a happy morning, everyday!

bGREEN’s chocolate hazelnut spread has to be the customer’s favourite for its divine taste.


  • Smoothest chocolate almond hazelnut spread
  • High Protein chocolate spread
  • No nasties
  • No hydrogenated oil
  • Delicious taste

It is the best chocolate spread for bread lovers, especially for those who are always looking for a protein boost but cannot compromise on the taste. With our almond hazelnut chocolate spread we made not even the slightest compromise on the taste.

bGREEN chocolate hazelnut spread is made from 58% nuts that include hazelnut, almonds, cocoa powder, unrefined sugar that makes it the cleanest and most natural energy source for daily consumption.

Our collection of vegan foods is nothing but a perfect blend of health and taste for active individuals.