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bGREEN Plant Protein Smoothie

15g Protein

15g Protein

3g Fiber

3g Fiber

4 superseeds

4 superseeds

Delicious, ready to blend plant based protein smoothie made with natural whole food ingredients


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    Plant-based Protein Smoothie for Weight Management

    bGREEN plant protein smoothie is an ideal plant based meal replacement for those looking for active weight management. Scientifically proven & uniquely formulated with high quality plant based ingredients which makes it a healthy meal replacement smoothie. Packed with plant based protein, high fiber, probiotics, superfoods, superseeds & anti-oxidants which makes it a complete & wholesome nutritional mix. Ready to blend formula in green goodness & berry delight delicious flavours makes our vegan protein smoothie an easier option for all. A clean & 100% vegan food formulation with zero added sugar, no soy & Non-GMO ingredients.

    Step 1
    Add 1 level scoop to 250-300ml chilled water
    Step 2
    Blend vigourously until uniformly mix
    Step 3
    Enjoy with your favourite toppings
    15g Plant Protein

    15g Plant Protein

    Our Plant Protein Smoothie is packed with plant protein from pea, brown rice & pumpkin seeds to build strength.
    3g Fiber

    3g Fiber

    Our vegan protein smoothie has high fiber from Psyllium husk & Oats for longer satiety & metabolism.
    Good carb blend

    Good carb blend

    Good carb blend from fruit & seed powders to provide essential nutrients.
    Wholesome nutrition

    Wholesome nutrition

    Packed with protein, fibre, antioxidants & natural seeds to fulfil nutrient requirements

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can vegan consume plant protein smoothie

    Yes, all vegans can consume bGREEN's plant based protein smoothie as it is made from plant-based & vegan ingredients. This plant protein smoothie is free from artificial sweeteners, soy & made up of Non-GMO ingredients

    How plant protein smoothie green goodness is different from berry delight flavour

    Both smoothies provide wholesome nutrition. Green goodness has plenty of natural greens which helps in balancing the pH levels & helps in detoxification whereas our vegan protein smoothie in berry delight is rich source of natural antioxidants

    What is bGREEN plant based protein smoothie made up of

    bGREEN plant based protein smoothie has 15g plant protein, 3g fiber, antioxidants, natural greens, wholefoods & superseeds

    Who can consume bGREEN plant protein smoothie

    Anyone who wants to keep himself active & healthy can consume bGREEN's plant based protein smoothie

    I do not workout, still can I consume bGREEN's plant based protein smoothie

    Yes, you can. bGREEN is a 100% vegan source of protein, fiber & wholesome ingredients. Our vegan protein smoothie helps you in fuelling your daily protein & nutritional needs irrespective of their lifestyle and activity levels.

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