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Plant-Based Immunity Boosters For Your Workout Goals

Most in the fitness world are moving to plant-based immunity boosters for pre and post-workout needs. Keeping your immunity in check is super important as it can make or break your performance goals.
Here are supplements that bGREEN by HealthKart created that have impressive results as natural plant-based immune boosters.


bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout: A Vegan Immunity Booster


  • 4 natural citrus fruits (amla, acerola cherry, orange & lemon)
  • Daily RDA of vitamin C
  • Added zinc for better iron absorption
  • Energy & immunity boost
  • Speedy recovery

1 scoop of bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout acts as a great post-workout supplementation for restoring immunity levels that go down because of the immunosuppression caused by intense workout sessions.

So if you rely on green immune-boosting smoothies we're gonna save you some time on your efforts to prepare them. Take a glass of our citrus vitamin C and your immunity levels will be just fine.

Available in tasty orange flavor our vegan immune system booster is all you need for recovery and restoring your energy after an intense workout.


bGREEN Supergreens & Fruits Multivitamins Masala & Unflavoured: A Plant-Based Vegan Immunity Booster With Multivitamins


  • 100% daily RDA of vitamins, iron, and zinc
  • Power of 5 natural blends including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory
  • Delicious masala flavor
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Energy Booster

Often we skip out on greens in our daily diet. bGREEN by HealthKart identified this gap and created a natural greens and fruits mix with 30+ ingredients in an irresistible masala flavor.

Just 1 scoop of bGREEN supergreens & fruits can help you cover your daily requirement of micronutrients and protect as vegan immune system boosters.

A lot of athletes and bodybuilders rely on green immune-boosting smoothies but our immunity range is our simple effort to get you a ready-to-consume drink for an instant immunity boost anywhere you go.

bGREEN by HealthKart ensures the highest quality of products and we give you products that are 100% safe for consumption considering they are,


  • 100% vegan and natural mix
  • gluten-free
  • non-dairy
  • soy-free
  • With non-GMO ingredients

Thereby load your bag of essentials with our plant-based immunity boosters for an instant boost anywhere you go.