bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout
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bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout

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Natural power of 4 Citrus Fruits for your post workout & daily immunity recovery


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    Power of 4 Citrus Fruits For Your Immunity

    Our vegan/vegetarian Vitamin C is a blend of Amla fruit powder, Acerola cherry powder, Lemon fruit powder, Orange fruit powder, all of which are a great natural source of Vitamin C that boosts the defense mechanism of your body and keeps you safe from infections and diseases.The product has added zinc that strengthens your immune system and when consumed with Vitamin C, it also helps in better iron absorption from the diet and also serves as a potent antioxidant. Vitamin C after workout is necessary to shoot up your immunity that might go down due to immuno suppression. Thereby, many athletes take our plant-based Vitamin C post-workout. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable vegan/vegetarian vitamin c mix especially as a post-workout immunity supplementation.

    Step 1
    Add 1 level scoop to 200ml water
    Step 2
    Shake for 20-30 seconds in a shaker
    Step 3
    Drink & Immunize With Citrus Fruits 
    Citrus Power

    Citrus Power

    The power of 4 natural citrus fruits strengthens daily immunity with 100% RDA of Zinc for better Iron absorption.
    Delicious Taste

    Delicious Taste

    A taste that you won't stop at a single serving.
    Faster Recovery

    Faster Recovery

    Handpicked ingredients with the power of nature to help you recover faster after your workout or daily activities
    Stronger Immunity

    Stronger Immunity

    Ingredients to boost your immunity sourced from plants for a lasting impact

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is bGREEN Vitamin C?

    bGREEN Vitamin C is a potent blend of Amla fruit powder, Acerola cherry powder, Lemon fruit powder, and Orange fruit powder. These fruits are naturally rich in Vitamin C and this formula is a perfect blend of these Vitamin C-rich fruits to let you experience stronger Immunity.

    Is bGREEN Vitamin C a vegan product?

    Yes, our vegetarian Vitamin C is made from 100% vegan ingredients. It is made from all-natural ingredients and fuels you with Vitamin C post-workout in an easy-to-mix powdered form to boost your immunity.

    I have a gluten allergy so can I consume bGREEN Vitamin C?

    Yes, you can. bGREEN citrus Vitamin C is a plant-based Vitamin C solution that naturally makes it a gluten-free & dairy-free immune booster. In addition, it contains no refined sugar and is made with non-GMO ingredients.

    How bGREEN Vitamin C boosts immunity?

    bGREEN plant-based Vitamin C is an immunity specialist with the power of 4 natural immunity-boosting citrus fruits. Vitamin C after workout is essential as it enhances the production of white blood cells which fight infections & diseases.

    In addition, zinc balances your immune system & improves iron absorption which makes it the perfect supplementation to rely on for your Vitamin C after workout.

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