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bGREEN 100% VEGAN Plant Protein (For men & women)

Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted using Pea & Brown Rice isolate to give you...
Our flagship plant protein to support your active lifestyle & workouts. Crafted u...
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bGREEN By HealthKart: India’s Authentic Plant-Based ‘VEGAN’ Supplementation & Nutrition Brand

Re-defining fitness for everyone who believes in enhancing athletic performance in the cleanest way possible. Healthkart bGREEN has athletes and fitness enthusiasts at heart, and with our crazy clean nutrition, our aim is to fuel your everyday performance and active lifestyle. 

We are proudly catering to your everyday protein needs with our plant protein powder, protein bars, and  peanut butter. Furthermore, we take equal care of your micronutrients with our Multivitamins and Immunity powder. 

bGREEN - Trusted Plant-Based Nutrition Supplement Brand

When it comes to choosing a brand that gets you 100% safe consumption made from all-natural ingredients, you can completely rely on Healthkart bGREEN. We are just a few months old Indian brand in the market with so much love and support already motivating us to work towards excellence.

Our consumers trust us with non-dairy, gluten-free, and non-GMO products because we strongly stand against the idea of animal cruelty, especially when our belief system stems from the idea of equality for all life forms.

What Do We Offer For Performance Excellence?

We currently have products that can feed your training hunger and show powerful results most healthily:

Our range focuses on an individual's need for macro-nutrients as well as micronutrients for performance, progress, strength, endurance, and recovery. Especially for stamina we have a pre-workout option that is free from stimulants.

Sports Nutrition Range: bGREEN Plant Protein 

Protein being an essential macronutrient is eminent for all including bodybuilders and athletes. Thereby, we created the cleanest green plant protein made from plant-based sources, equal in performance with whey protein or any other plant protein.

Our vegan protein is made from pea protein and brown rice protein blend ensuring the full amino acids profile for making it a complete protein. Getting protein in the plant-based diet can be tricky, thereby our vegan protein is a quick-ready-to-drink product which makes it a popular choice among the masses. Protein is essential for all beings thereby, our vegan protein is as much for the regular folks who believe in well-being, as much it is for athletes and bodybuilders who want to build muscle. 

bGREEN plant protein is a great post-workout drink for muscle mass and recovery. You can pick your favorite from the 3 available flavors namely, chocolate, cafe mocha and strawberry!

How Is The Online Shopping Experience With bGREEN?

Our customers love purchasing through our website from segments allotted to the respective product categories. 

bGREEN considers purity of products, quality checks, and effective results as our utmost responsibility and ensures that at every step for our products.