Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss | Redefining Your Goal For A Healthier Weight Management

by Team bGREEN on November 12, 2021

Looking for weight management tips? Anyone who is looking to shed a few kilos claims to lose weight but is it really about losing the weight? Weight loss and fat loss are often used interchangeably. 

People get confused about the difference between weight loss and fat loss. So many people are struggling with excess weight and while trying to lose some kilos and get into a fit shape, people go through various diet routines and weird weight loss treatments but it does not pave out a healthy way to lose weight and get a redefined body shape. 

So, if you’re someone who is tired of creating a pathway for a healthy workout and is stuck between weight loss vs fat loss, here’s an insightful blog that will help you understand the major difference between both weight management systems and a few health tips to incorporate in your existing weight control routine. 

Understanding The Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

Both weight management options are crucial in their own ways. The sensible way to lose excess body fat is by adopting small healthy changes in your diet and workout routines which can be followed by both weight loss and fat loss weight management. The key is to understand the purpose and goal of each weight control method. 

What is Weight Loss? 

Weight loss refers to the decrease in your overall body weight from muscles, water and fat loss. To put it in simpler words, weight loss is the overall drop in the overall kilo weight of the body. There are various reasons that affect weight fluctuations on a daily basis including a hormonal imbalance in the body, sodium intake and dietary fibers and food. Weight management through the weight loss technique happens when you consume fewer calories than you burn.

What is Fat Loss?

Fat loss refers to the reduction in body fat. Reducing body fat is what most people want to achieve and it is considered a more specific and healthier option than weight loss. Fat loss consists of losing weight while maintaining muscle mass as much as possible which makes the body look more toned and fit. To implement a fat loss routine in your fitness journey, the main objective is to prioritize strength or resistance training.

The difference between weight loss and fat loss is the weight loss includes water and muscle loss which may damage your health in the long run. On the other hand, fat loss can help decrease the risk associated with chronic diseases, muscle mass loss, and inflammations along with maintaining the weight. 

So, to explain the weight loss vs fat loss, both weight management options help drop kilos and get the body in a redefined shape. However, following a fat loss technique is better than weight loss for a healthier perspective. 

How To Lose Fat And Maintain Or Gain Muscle

There are a few simple ways to ensure you lose weight in the form of fat and maintain muscle mass. One such effective way of losing fat is by adding bGREEN Vegan Protein in your diet and fitness routine. It's a scientifically formulated plant-based protein powders crafted to support your active lifestyle and provide sufficient nutrients to the body while ensuring weight management. If you are someone who wants a product dedicated to weight management, then try the bGREEN protein smoothie in the delicious berry blast flavour. You are sure to love it! 

Here are a few tips to include in your fitness routine for maximum benefits.

#1 Consume Plenty Of Proteins 

Protein is an important nutrient for a variety of body functions. It is necessary for the body to make enzymes that help with digestion and energy production. It is important for maintaining muscle mass, especially when losing weight. 

#2 Follow A Reduced Calorie Diet

To reduce weight, you must create a calorie deficit by eating fewer calories. Cutting back on calories too much can lead to greater loss of muscle than burning fat. Aim to moderately reduce the number of calories you consume per day. 

You can also include good fats for weight loss( peanut butter, sesame seeds, avocados)  that can help you with weight management along with providing sufficient nutrients to the body. 

#3 Workout

Exercise is the most effective way of burning fat and getting in good shape. It is the only effective activity to maintain muscle mass with a healthy diet of reduced calories and plenty of proteins. Working out at least 3-4 times a week can be beneficial in reducing fat and losing weight in a healthy amount. 

Successful weight loss does not require a lot of techniques and research. Instead, start focusing on what works best for your health. Whether it is weight loss or fat loss, the key is to find a balance between both weight management techniques and create an active pathway for your fitness journey.