Stevia Sweetener - The Zero-Calorie, Sustainable Option

by Team bGREEN on November 09, 2021

Are you trying to cut back on your sugars, but struggling with it? Well, have you heard of stevia sugar then? It can be hard to avoid those alluring sugary treats, especially during the festivities or if you have a sweet tooth. But if you are suffering from diabetes or are at a risk, it is even tougher. 

So, how does one enjoy the sweets and satisfy those cravings without worrying about added sugar? Stevia sweetener is the life saver that will let you enjoy your desserts without harming your diabetic lifestyle in any way. 

Does that make you wonder if stevia is good for diabetics? To answer your question and satiate that curiosity about this sugar alternative here is an insightful blog you must read to understand everything about the goodness of stevia sweetener and its health benefits especially for managing a diabetic lifestyle. 

What is Stevia?

Stevia is also known as Stevia Rebaudiana, a bushy shrub that is part of the sunflower family. It 

is an intensely sweet-tasting plant that is being used as a sweetener in beverages for ages. It is used as a non-nutritive sweetener and herbal supplement. 

A non-nutritive sweetener is considered one with no calories. Stevia sweetener is used as a natural and herbal alternative to sugar in many meals and beverages. 

Health Benefits Of Stevia Sweetener

As an alternative to table sugar, stevia sweetener carries the potential for considerable health benefits. Stevia is classified as non-calorie and its sweet components occur naturally without any additives to make it suitable for meals and beverages. 

Here are some health benefits of stevia sweetener:

#1 Help Manage Diabetes

Is stevia good for diabetes? Various researches have shown that stevia sweeteners do not contribute calories to the diet. They have also proved no effect on blood glucose and insulin response. This makes it suitable for people struggling with diabetes to enjoy a wide variety of foods and comply with a healthful meal plan. Stevia for diabetes is an excellent option to balance sweet meals in a diabetic lifestyle. 

People who are managing a diabetic lifestyle along with physical endurance and working out often find it hard to incorporate healthy protein supplements in their diet because of the added sugar and calorie intake in the supplement. 

However, if one opts for a reliable and diabetes-sensitive brand, then bGREEN is perfect. Many people into fitness struggle to find a sugar-free protein that they can add to their diet. Here's where our high-quality plant-based protein comes into the picture without any downside. 100% vegan, this protein can help match up the active lifestyle and provide sufficient nutrients to the body. It contains zero sugars and has stevia instead which makes it a safer option for everyone following a diabetic lifestyle. 

#2 Weight Management

There can be various reasons for excessive weight gain which also includes added sugar intake and consuming foods that are high in fat. So those struggling with managing weight can switch to stevia zero calorie sweetener with no sugar and low calories to help have a balanced diet that reduces energy intake without compromising the taste. 

#3 Blood Pressure

Certain glycosides in stevia extracts have been found to dilate blood vessels. They can help increase sodium excretion. Stevia plants are considered to have cardiotonic actions that may help lower blood pressure. Cardiotonic actions help neutralize blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat. 

#4 Anticancer Potential

Stevia is a rich source of antioxidant compounds that may make it an ideal dietary supplement for the prevention of various cancer infections including pancreatic cancer. Stevia leaf extracts release a high degree of antioxidant activity. Consuming stevia tea can help eliminate free radicals in the body, thereby, preventing them from infecting healthy cells into malignant ones. 

#5 Improves Skin Health

Stevia has been considered preventive against skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Stevia benefits people struggling with such skin conditions and are unable to treat them with beauty products. Consumption of stevia may inhibit the spread of bacteria and act as a steroid for such skin conditions. 

Along with the major health benefits, stevia benefits are known to possess anti-hyperglycemic, anti-immune modulatory actions, and anti-inflammatory actions. Adoption of a healthy and active lifestyle that is tailored to priorities is vital for one’s well-being. Choosing foods and beverages with low-calorie intake such as stevia sweetener is one of the effective ways to reduce consumption of added sugars and keep calories in check.