Plant-Based OR VEGANISM? Know The Difference

by Team bGREEN on October 17, 2021

Different types of diets are being introduced ever since vegan diets became the talk of the town. That’s why we understand that sometimes it can get confusing and difficult to differentiate among these diets. In this article, we will discuss vegan diets and plant based diets to help you find out which category you fall in.

In order to differentiate between vegan diets and plant based diets, we need to have a better understanding of these diets.

What is a Plant Based Diet?

The term plant-based usually refers specifically to an individual’s diet only. These days a lot of people like to refer to their diet as “plant-based” to tell that they follow a diet that either completely or mostly includes plant foods. But many people say that they fall in the plant-based category and still eat certain products derived from animals.

What is Veganism and Vegan Diet? Who is a Vegan?

Veganism is more than just a diet, it is an ideology and a way of living. If one chooses to be a vegan, they need to follow a particular lifestyle daily. Veganism is defined as an ideology or way of living that avoids eating, using, or exploiting animals for human needs and entertainment. The main motto of following vegan nutrition is to stop the torture and abuse against animals by making animal-friendly life choices.

Along with removing animal-based food products from their diets, Vegans also do not purchase or support the purchase of products that were made from or tested on animals. Many products like clothing, footwear, personal care items, household items and accessories are made by exploiting animals. Some vegans also avoid medicines, supplements and immunizations made by animal byproducts or use them for testing. Only plant-based nutrition and products are incorporated in the everyday lives of vegans with a determined and conscious effort.

Who is a Vegan?

Confused about which category you fall in? Read on to understand who is a true vegan.

Your diet can be plant based, vegan or both. Many people start out as vegans, excluding animal-derived products from the diet mainly because of the animal cruelty that takes place every day, but later switch to a whole-food, plant-based diet to meet their health goals.

Similarly, some people may follow a plant based diet at first and then choose to follow veganism and stop using or consuming animal products in both food and non-food areas.


Interpretations of Plant based diets

There are various interpretations of a plant based diets such as:

  1. Vegetarian diet: a vegetarian diet may consist of eggs, milk and cheese but it strictly excludes any kind of meat such as chicken, beef, pork and steak.
  2. Vegan diet: A vegan diet plan does not contain any kind of animal products and consists of plant based foods only.
  3. Raw vegan diet: People who follow this diet eat only raw plant foods and follow the usual rules of a vegan lifestyle.
  4. Flexitarian diet: this diet is more flexible than the others. People who follow a flexitarian diet avoid meat but eat a combination of animal and plant based foods.

A guide on how to get started with your plant based diet

Now that you have a fair share of information about plant-based diet, here are some tips to get started with your plant based diet.

  • Start eating more vegetables and reduce your meat intake slowly.
  • Choose to eat good and healthy fats.
  • Swap your usual breakfast with a whole grain breakfast.
  • Make a meal out of a vegetable salad of your choice.
  • Eat fruits like mangoes, peaches and watermelon for desserts.
  • Try not to eat white flour, processed oils, and refined foods.
  • Try out vegan health supplements like the Vegan Vitamin C or Plant based protein powders from bGREEN.


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There are different interpretations of a plant-based style dividing people into different categories like vegans, vegetarians, plant-based, etc. Switching to a plant based diet can bring some significant changes to your life. Your overall health can improve drastically after turning to a plant-based lifestyle. Start your transition right away!