Does More Protein For Women Make Them Bulky? | Ladies, Stop Believing!!

by Team bGREEN on June 28, 2021

The concept of protein for women (vegan proteins) has often been the butt of jokes when considered for women.

The common yet most prevalent misconception being "they make women bulky".

It won't be a surprise if you have been believing that too. But, it's time you come in the clear as we are all prepared to set the facts straight up. 

Active women in the fitness world are suggested to eat more protein which is highly recommended for a weight loss diet as well. When we talk about weight loss protein for women, there is no separate category as all protein shakes for women can help with that. But, the common usage of this macronutrient among men for bulking up is what roots the distrust in the minds of some women.

Okay, so we understand that the word "BULKY" is a nightmare to many and the reason why many women won't start to weight train, let alone protein.

But for the love, the God, believe that protein for women is no harm, and here's what you need to know,

Protein For Women Has The Following Benefits:

  • Aids in leaner body transformation with toned muscles
  • Energizes through your workout sessions
  • Facilitates weight loss with reduced hunger cravings

To sum it up. This power macronutrient paves way for you to become a strong, lean, and aesthetically fit individual. 

Wait! Isn't that exactly what we all want??

Honestly, stop searching for weight loss protein for women as every protein can do that job.

What people don't understand is that finding the right protein shake for women isn't the issue but its usage is. Any protein consumption with the right exercise and diet can result in the desired goals be it weight loss or gain that too in the most healthy way.



  • Protein is the building block of muscle and further aids in muscle recovery and repair.
  • It keeps one fuller for long
  • May improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis

Another benefit that is essential to highlight is the concept of protein for women during menopause and post menopause. Often the struggle to maintain your weight is a challenge during this phase and believe us, protein plays a crucial role here and can help a great deal!

Not to forget it improves body composition as well as our overall body functioning while keeping our skin, hair, and nails healthy and strong! 

We're in the 21st century and protein for women is the new reality. 

So, you go get that improved brain functioning, quality of sleep, AND even lower blood pressure! All at once, with a physique that can kill.

Protein shake women are readily available in the market. Many women prefer going for plant proteins considering they are effective and light on the stomach. Also, to mention, being made from plant-based sources they are naturally beneficial for growing muscle on a leaner body.

With bGREEN, you can end the search of finding protein for women's weight gain and weight loss protein for women specifically. We have both plant protein formulations. Do check out MB bGREEN plant protein & plant protein smoothie for their respective purposes as a protein for men and women all alike.