Can Eating Beets Before Workout Improve Workout Results?

by Team bGREEN on July 03, 2021

We are always looking for ways to get the best results with those long, grueling hours of training. What if consuming a simple ingredient like beetroot before workout boosted the outcome of your training? 

Would you be interested to find out how?

Here is everything you need to know about how eating beets before workout can help you through your fitness journey. 


What Makes Beetroot A Great Pre Workout Food? 

Some of the world's top endurance athletes claim that beetroots are highly powerful as a pre-workout intake. A few slices or a glass of beetroot juice boosts overall performance, stamina, and results from your training.

 So, what happens when you drink beetroot juice every day? And how does it improve results? 

  • Rich source of micronutrients: Beets contain A, B, and C vitamins that keep you energized throughout your training session. 
  • Antioxidant benefits: Antioxidants like beta-cyanine and beta-carotene are two good reasons for eating beetroot before the workout. They reduce free radical damage to your muscle cells, allowing them to perform better and recover faster. 
  • Improved metabolism: Minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron, along with fibre, help improve various metabolic processes and your digestion. This lets you get maximum benefits from both training and nutrition. 
  • A reliable source of nitrates: The bright colour of beetroot is due to pigments called betalains. They are packed with nitrates and also act as the best anti-inflammatory and anti oxidising agents. 

  • The Importance of Nitrogen in Beetroots

    Every athlete knows the importance of nitrates in their diet. When consumed as part of the diet, nitrates are quickly broken down into nitric oxide.

    This is a potent vasodilator. In simple terms, it allows better blood circulation to your muscles. So what happens when you drink beetroot juice every day is that the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles improves.  

     Nitric Oxide improves endurance, energy levels and also allows better performance. For bodybuilding enthusiasts, improved blood circulation also pumps up the muscles to make them look bigger. 

    Although several supplements are available to boost your nitrate consumption, beetroot is a better option as it is organic and safe. The overall quality of your diet also improves because of the nutritional benefits of beetroot. 


    When to Consume Beetroot Juice

    The trick to derive maximum benefit from eating beets before a workout is to consume them at the right time. No matter what form of beetroot you choose to include in your diet, you must understand how it functions in your body. 

     Firstly, find out How long does it take for beetroot juice to work?”   

    A study published in 2003 showed that drinking beetroot at least 2 hours before your workout is ideal. The positive effect of beetroots on the body lasts for almost 12 hours after consumption, giving you a long-lasting supply of vital nutrients. 

    You also need to determine how much beetroot juice you need to get the desired results? 

    The same study mentioned above increased the dosage gradually from 140ml to 500ml. Results showed that optimal performance was achieved with 500 ml of beetroot juice consumed 2 hours before training. 


    Pro-Tips To Make Beetroot More Effective

    • Using an antibacterial mouthwash before consuming beetroot juice reduces the rate at which the nitrates are converted into nitric oxide. 
    • Consuming raw beetroot is better than pan or deep-fried beets. 
    • Avoid mixing beets with meat. When cooked together, the nitrates in beetroot are converted into nitrosamine compounds which can cause several health issues. 
    • Start with low doses and increase it gradually to avoid digestive issues. 

    As an alternative to eating beetroots or drinking beetroot juice before the workout, try the super potent bGREEN Up-Beet Pre-Workout formula. It comes fortified with coconut-based MCTs to give you a drink that helps you power through any endurance-based training program with ease. It also works well in relieving post-exercise fatigue.