Can Diabetic Patients Take Protein | Plant Protein With Stevia

by Team bGREEN on November 17, 2021
Looking for protein for diabetics? Picking the right foods to eat when you are managing a diabetic lifestyle can be a risky business. When you lead a diabetic lifestyle, you need to keep an extra eye on the food intake to make sure your blood sugar levels don’t fluctuate too much. It becomes extra difficult when you’re trying to build muscles and trying to balance a healthy protein diet. 

So, if you’re wondering can diabetic patients take protein powder, here’s an insightful blog to help you understand the vitals of plant protein and how it can complement your plant-based life without affecting diabetes. 

How Does Plant Protein Help Manage Diabetes?

plant based salad bowl rich in protein for diabetic people

If you are into fitness and building your physique then there will come a certain point when you will think of adding protein powder to your diet and you should. There’s simply no stock of stamina that is going to fuel your body on its own. You are going to need that extra kick of nutrients to build your stamina and help you achieve your desired goals. 

In diabetes, the body cannot maintain normal levels of blood sugar. One of the ways to manage glucose levels is through dietary choices. When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the food that they consume can make a remarkable difference in their well-being. 

Whole grains and foods rich in protein take longer to digest than sugar and processed carbohydrates. Slower digestion brings a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. Hence, a protein-rich diet is more healthy to manage diabetes. But when you’re managing a diabetic lifestyle, it is a little difficult to choose the right health supplement because of the added sugar content that comes in most protein supplements. 

There are special types of protein supplements that are curated for people with diabetes. One such effective and organic protein supplement is bGREEN Plant Based Protein. It is a power-packed drink with excellent nutrients and vitamins to fuel you with the strength for athletic stamina. The special feature of this vegan based protein powder is that it is the best protein for diabetics type 2. This protein powder contains stevia, a sweetener with no calories. Stevia is used as a natural and herbal alternative to sugar which makes this plant protein a safer option for those following a diabetic lifestyle. 

Opting for a plant protein with stevia can offer a lot of benefits including:

fruits & veggies bowl with rich protein for diabetic people's heart health

  • Stevia-infused protein for diabetic patients can help keep a healthy blood pressure because of the cardiotonic actions that help lower the blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. 
  • Stevia plant proteins contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help deal with inflammations.
  • Generally, type 2 diabetes often causes weight gain and other insulin-related medical conditions. The higher insulin levels cause weight gain which contributes to the development of diabetes. Consuming stevia-infused protein powder can also benefit weight management by consistently managing the blood sugar levels along with exercising.

Opting for a reliable and organic plant protein like bGREEN can help you manage your diabetic lifestyle along with providing essential nutrients to your body. This plant protein can help you support an active lifestyle without worrying about the downside. 

Plant-based protein for diabetic patients

Adding protein powders to your diet can be a big help in balancing your fitness goals. Adding plant protein that is diabetic-friendly is a step ahead in achieving your fitness goals. So, if you feel like you’re running out of ideas to boost your body with a diabetic-friendly plant diet, you just got yourself a plant-based protein option to keep you healthy for the entire day. 

What is best is that protein for diabetics is a great start to your day, keeps you feeling full and satiated for long and thus helps you stay away from sugar cravings and binge eating. It also supports your fitness goals, so you can now get back on track and start your fitness routine without worrying about managing nutrition intake in your diabetic diet.