7 Top Vegan Movements That Will Make You Go VEGAN

by Team bGREEN on October 12, 2021

In the last few years, there has been an impressive hike in veganism in India. According to the latest survey, veganism in India is expected to see a prominent growth by the end of 2021 as people are getting to know about the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle. One of the major factors behind this growth is the remarkable vegan movements that took place in the last couple of years. This article will tell you more about such vegan movements that happened in India. 

But first, let’s give you an overview of what veganism is all about.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle chosen by people who are against animal exploitation and cruelty. This way of living also prohibits all forms of mistreatment of and brutality to animals for human needs such as food, clothing or any other purpose. Veganism also disapproves of aquarium or zoo visits, or taking part in any kind of animal racing or shows organized for human entertainment. In simpler words, veganism and vegan movements follow an ideology that stands against the exploitation of animals for human desires or lifestyles.

Many famous Indian celebrities like Richa Chaddha, Kiran Rao and Amir Khan are active vegan members of our society.


5 Vegan Movements That Will Encourage You to Go Vegan

Over the last few years, many animals’ rights activists have come forward hoping to spread awareness about animal cruelty and exploitation. To encourage people to go vegan, many organizations and activists organized and led many veganism social movements which seems to play a major role in the growth of veganism in India. Some of these vegan movements are:

Vegan India Movement

So far, Vegan India Movement has been one of the most prominent veganism social movements that have been organized in India. This campaign was started in 2018 and since then they organize an event for supporting veganism every month in different cities of India. Its first event was organized on January 21, 2018, in 38 cities across India. Various animal rights activists gathered together to spread awareness about veganism by non-violent and innovative ideas of animal advocacy.

Earthlings Experience Vegan Movement

Conducted under the inaugural event of the Vegan India Movement, Earthlings Experience is another unforgettable veganism social movement, which was actually an activity performed by volunteer activists from Udaipur and foreign nations. In the activity, all the volunteers stood motionless wearing an all-black uniform with signs and devices in their hands that showed videos and footage of Indian slaughterhouses. 

The videos also featured animal cruelty in hatcheries, dairy farms, and the animal torture happening in the fashion, animal sports and animal testing industries. Meanwhile, other activists talked with the rest of the public watching the videos, explaining how these industries promote animal cruelty, encouraging them to choose kinder alternatives.

Animal Rights March India (ARMI)

The Animal Rights March India was held on November 10, 2019, in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Kolkata. The march was conducted to fight for animal rights such as

  • Right to bodily liberty and integrity.
  • Right to not be exploited.
  • Right to not be imprisoned.
  • Right to not be harmed.

Satyagraha 2.0: Freedom for Animals

For the first time in the history of Indian movements, a fasting movement was organized in the memory of millions of dead animals who were brutally killed and abused for human needs and entertainment. Clearly, an all lives matter vegan movement, the Satyagraha veganism social movement for animal freedom took place on January 22, 2020. Activists and citizens across the country fasted and educated people on veganism by using videos, placards, poems, songs, and speeches.

10 Weeks to Vegan 

10 weeks to Vegan was a food challenge created by Vegan Outreach, an NGO working to fight animal violence. The challenge was started in 2019 and over 150,000 people signed up for it. In 2020, around 250,000 people signed up for the 10 weeks to the vegan challenge eventually making the program a grand success. Now the 10 weeks to the vegan program is popular in many countries like Austria, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Spain, etc.

PETA INDIA’s ‘Eat Vegan For My Future’ Campaign

Earlier, PETA India organised a vegan protest with the children of Wise Roots World School. Many students of the school arrived at FC road in Pune wearing chicken and calf costumes with placards that read, “EAT VEGAN FOR MY FUTURE”. The protest was an attempt to warn people about the negative effects of animal agriculture and is known to have generated significant awareness. 

FIAPO’s — The Plant Factor

FIAPO introduced ‘The Plant Factor’ — a food innovation challenge in which they will be inviting applications from Indian vegan or plant-based companies, start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, restaurants, and students. The participants are required to fulfil the criteria of using non-animal derived products like mycoprotein and mushrooms in all their products. These start-ups or organizations are to be judged on the basis of nutrition, taste, texture and ready to market products. This is a first of its kind initiative that has stirred a lot of curiosity and excitement on Veganism. 

Like these, many other plant based movements have been organized in the past to promote veganism. But are you wondering how going vegan will affect your nutritional intake? 

Are you worried about whether you will be able to meet your required daily intake of the different nutrients after going vegan? 

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We hope you understood the concept of veganism and why it should be promoted — After all, all lives matter whether animal or human.