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bGREEN Supergreens & Fruits Multivitamins Masala & Unflavoured

Greens-based multivitamin to energize, detoxify, and immunize. Completes 100% daily vitamins, Iron & Zinc requirements. Powered with superfoods like Spirulina,...
Greens-based multivitamin to energize, detoxify, and immunize. Completes 100% daily v...
Rs. 559Rs. 74925% off

bGREEN Citrus Vitamin C For Post Workout

1 scoop of our citrus Vitamin C post-workout is enough for shooting up the immunity levels.
1 scoop of our citrus Vitamin C post-workout is enough for shooting up the immunity lev...
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Green Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are super important for an individual's diet as much as the need for macronutrients like protein. Reaching your daily requirements through diet alone can be tricky, thereby supplements come in handy to keep them in check.

bGREEN by Muscleblaze has a great range of plant vitamins and minerals for giving a boost to immune health. You can choose among citrus vitamin C and vegan/vegetarian multivitamins that come with vitamin B12 which is otherwise hard to get on a plant based diet.


What Are Green Vitamins And Minerals?

Green vitamins and minerals are those vitamins and minerals that are extracted purely from plant sources.

Vitamins and minerals can be obtained by animal based sources as well, but with a huge shift towards a vegan and plant-based diet, the demand for these supplements has seen rapid growth, all because of the ample health benefits.


What Do Green Vitamins & Minerals Do?

Green vitamins and minerals aid a lot of crucial functions that take place within our body. Henceforth, hitting the RDA becomes rather important especially for those who indulge in any physically strenuous activities and exercise.


Some vitamins our body essentially need:

  • Vitamin C - aids the functioning of our immune system and helps in wound healing, iron absorption, and collagen formation
  • Vitamins B 12 - helps in reducing fatigue and prevents a type of anemia
  • Vitamin D - facilitates calcium absorption and strengthening bones
  • Vitamin A -  supports our vision and acts as a natural defense against infection and illness


Our body requires minerals as well:

  •  Zinc - facilitates body's defensive (immune) system and the breakdown of carbohydrates
  • Calcium - strengthens teeth & bones
  • Iron - converts blood sugar to energy and aids cognitive function
  • Potassium - contributes to normal muscle function


bGREEN's Green Vitamins & Minerals Supplements

Our supplements have been thoughtfully created to enhance immune functioning while ensuring the 100% RDA of daily vitamins and minerals which otherwise go missing in your diet.


Supplement For Immunity: Citrus Vitamin C Immunity Powder With Added Zinc

Vitamin C after workout is essential to fight immunosuppression (that causes your immunity level to go down after an intense workout).


  • 4 natural fruits for increasing fighter cells
  • 100% RDA (Required Daily Allowance) of vitamin C
  • Faster recovery after a workout
  • Stronger immunity
  • Delicious taste

Citrus vitamin C is one of our green vitamins-based powders for enhancing immunity rapidly as the added zinc helps in better absorption of vitamin C.

Made from 4 natural citrus fruits namely, amla, acerola cherry, lemon, and orange, it is a tasty way to enhance fighter cells in the body to resist infection.

Consider it as your post-workout immunity supplement as one scoop of our Citrus Vitamin C after workout is all you need to boost up your immunity level.


Supplement For Covering The Gap In Daily Nutrition: Supergreens Multivitamins

Made from plant vitamins, our bGREEN supergreens & fruits multivitamins is all you need to energize, detoxify, and immunize.


  • 100% daily vitamins, iron & zinc ( including B12 & D3)
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Fuels up energy
  • Reduced fatigue
  • 5 natural blends (including anti-inflammatory & antioxidants)
  • Irresistible Masala Taste

Just one scoop of this vegan/vegetarian multivitamin is enough to help you cover the daily gap of your micronutrients. To cover your green vitamins it is yet another reliable source of multivitamin for plant based consumers, especially. 


Do I need green vitamins and minerals if I am an athlete, bodybuilder or someone who practices an active lifestyle?

Yes, even if you are an individual who is not very active on the fitness front and is simply into well-being, then also your requirement for green vitamins and minerals is essential nonetheless.


What foods can I rely on for vitamins and minerals?

The answer is all foods but essentially an optimal amount of green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans on a plant-based or vegan diet have proven fruitful for covering the daily vitamins and minerals requirement.


Are green vitamins 100% vegan and vegetarian?

Generally, green vitamins and minerals are made from plant-based sources and foods like supergreens and fruits which are naturally vegan but this might differ brand to brand.

bGREEN by Muscleblaze has a range of green vitamins that contains vegan/ vegetarian multivitamins for plant based consumers and even non-vegetarians.


Do bGREEN's supergreen multivitamins provide B12?

Fulfilling your daily requirement of vitamin B12 on a vegan diet or plant-based diet can be difficult. But, our vegan/ vegetarian multivitamins make up for your daily RDA of vitamin B12.


Can green vitamins and minerals be gluten-free?

Yes, bGREEN by Muscleblaze has created green vitamins and minerals that are gluten-free however, it is always best to check the labels as some brands might be selling otherwise.