10 Reasons Why You Should Add Supergreens Powder In Your Diet

by Team bGREEN on September 14, 2021

The focus on supergreens has boomed over the last few years. They have also become a regular feature in vegetarian multivitamin supplements and other dietary supplements. These nutrient-dense food sources are capable of adding great value to your diet and health. 

Here are 10 supergreen powder benefits that will convince you that they should be included in your diet on a regular basis with products like bGREEN Supergreens and Fruits Multivitamins. 

#1. They are rich in phytonutrients 

All the benefits of green powder can be attributed to phytonutrients. These are plant compounds that are potent antioxidants. These antioxidants keep the free radical levels in the body balanced, preventing any oxidative stress to the cells and tissues.  They also serve as a source of important vitamins and minerals, making a supergreens diet a more nutritionally dense one. 


#2. You get a good source of fiber 

Fiber is one of the most vital nutrients in your diet as it affects the way the food that you consume is digested and assimilated. Modern diets do not contain enough fiber, causing a series of digestive issues. The benefits of supergreen powder in comparison to a natural fruit and vegetable diet are debatable. However, when you add one of these supplements to your natural diet, you make up for any possible gaps in fiber intake. 


#3. Gut health improves with digestive enzymes 

Better gut health is certainly one of the best-known benefits of drinking supergreens. They contain a high concentration of digestive enzymes that help break down the food that you eat. With better gut health, you experience many other benefits like better energy levels and healthier skin. 


#4. They are great for weight loss 

The popularity of these supplements grew in the recent past because of the supergreen powder weight loss benefits. We already know that they help you digest your food better. The reason they aid weight loss is the ability to change the way fat is metabolised and stored in the body. Supergreens, it is speculated, have the ability to restrict the amount of fat stored in the body, giving you a leaner physique. 


#5. They have a high nutrition density 

High nutrition density means that the concentration of essential nutrients is very high in every serving. This property has earned these food sources the name, supergreens. You only have to consume very little to experience all the benefits of green powder. It is a great way to mitigate the chances of nutritional deficiencies without having to worry about elaborate meal preparations or the consumption of multiple meals each day. If you are an active individual, they help you reach your nutritional goals faster. 


#6. Better control on cravings

This is another reason for the supergreens powder weight loss benefit. Since they are so high in their nutritional value, they reduce the hunger signals that go to your brain. Your body is satiated and you do not feel the need to consume excessive food, especially those that are rich in sugar and fats.  


#7. Natural energy booster 

Supergreen benefits include better performance and energy levels. The nutrients in a supergreen diet help improve the production of energy units or ATP in the body. In addition to that, your body has the fuel that it needs to carry out various metabolic activities effectively. 


#8. Improved skin and hair health 

With regular exposure to UV radiation, environmental pollution, and other factors, a number of toxins build up on the surface of the skin and hair. This is the primary cause of faster signs of aging, dullness, and other issues related to your skin and hair. The antioxidant benefits of drinking supergreens help eliminate these toxins, keeping you looking healthier. This prevents free radicals from causing any damage. Of course, you have a better nutritional intake with a supergreen diet. The results of this are immediately visible on your skin and hair. 


#9. Great vegetarian source of protein 

Supergreen benefits for individuals who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet are endless. To begin with, foods like spirulina are known to be very high in their protein content. In addition to that, supergreens make up for any nutrients that you may be missing out on because of your dietary preference. 

#10. Alkalising effect on the body

Maintaining blood alkalinity is vital for a number of metabolic processes like enzyme and hormone production. However, the foods that we commonly consume are more acidic in nature, causing the balance to tip. The alkalising supergreen benefit is because these foods normally have a neutral pH level or maybe more alkaline in nature. This improves your overall health and well-being. 

Needless to say, the benefits of supergreen powder are many. When added to a healthy diet, they can dramatically change your ability to function. These foods energize you instantly and even keep you protected from a range of potential health risks.