For those who think 'Plant is not enough', bGREEN was born to challenge the status quo and to deliver strength, endurance, recovery & growth with plants as a catalyst. We know you want to go stronger, faster & longer and to make that happen, we use our expertise in research, coupled with the most authentic plant ingredients to enable your superior self & performance. Come join the plant revolution with us & unleash your potential with us.


Our Goal & Mission

With every ingredient, carefully picked for your best health & to help you reach your fitness goals, bGREEN aims to fulfill the following

  • To power your journey with the most ‘authentic’ plant based nutrition
  • Provide nutrition that is ‘Natural’, ‘Gluten Free’, ‘Dairy Free’, ‘Free from artificial flavors & preservatives’
  • To help you maintain optimum health with our products 


Our Values 

To ensure that we come up with the best possible products for you, we lay extensive focus on our values which are our guiding compass

  • Innovation
    • To keep striving with the latest R&D & formulations to come up with the best products to fulfil various needs
  • Authenticity & Trust 
    • Create products that you can trust your body with 
  • Sustainability 
    • Connection with the nature is something that is fundamental to our approach to plant based nutrition. We give what we take.