“I am a VEGAN bodybuilder and have tried multiple brand products. For me, bGREEN is the best plant protein & due to its plants ingredients, I am seeing a great recovery post my workouts”

Abhishek Thevar Bangalore

“Perfect masala flavor that just leaves me with a such a strong refreshing feeling. It acutally tasted like gol-gappa paani. Bonus that it is made from superfoods & bridges my daily vitamins gap on my poor eating habits.”

Esha Bangalore

“I practise gentle yoga & love to do it for long duration. Tried up-beet for the endurance claim that they have and man it works. Just make sure you add 2 scoops rather than 1 which I mistakenly did earlier for great effects. No caffeine is godly :)”

Mitushi Gurgaon

“bGREEN!!! Hats off to you guys for cracking such an amazing flavor in plant protein. Absolutely love how the coffee flavor stays in my mouth after I am done with it. Total fan.”

Deepak Maharashtra

“I have been searching for a good tasting plant protein that I can use in my daily routine in different way. Love bGREEN's texture and cocoa chocolate taste that just makes my breakfast smoothie yum!!”

Aakanksha Delhi