Vitamin C Immunity Powder: Benefits, Ingredients & Usage

by Team bGREEN on September 03, 2021

It is widely accepted that your immune system is under a lot of stress after a strenuous workout. Among the several nutrients that you need each day, Vitamin C is considered the best to power up your immune response. bGREEN Vitamin C immunity booster powder is specially designed to assist your recovery process and prevent immunodepression. This is a pure veg multivitamin supplement that is perfect for you irrespective of your dietary preferences. 


Why Is Immunity Compromised After Workout? 

There have been several studies to understand the relationship between exercise and immunity. While it is true that regular training makes your immune system stronger, the effect immediately after workout is quite different.

Studies show that after 90 minutes of rigorous training, you experience a window of suppressed immunity. When you exercise, your body is under stress. So, your WBCs are redirected to potential sites of infection like the gut and the lungs. As a result, the amount of WBCs circulating in the bloodstream reduces, making you susceptible to illnesses. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you use adequate ​​vitamins for immunity, especially in the post workout stage. 


What is bGREEN Vitamin C Immunity Booster Powder? 

This is a special Vitamin C immune booster supplement that helps in faster immune system recovery after your workout. It is made with four powerful, natural sources of Vitamin C, namely: 

  • Amla powder 
  • Acerola powder 
  • Cherry powder 
  • Lemon powder 

It is also fortified with zinc to improve the effect of the immunity booster powder. Zinc helps in faster recovery and also improves the quality of your sleep and rest. 


Benefits of bGREEN Vitamin C Immunity Booster Powder 

The relationship between vitamin C and immunity is a well-known fact. It is one of the best nutrients to boost your immune response. bGREEN immunity powder is specially formulated to give you the following benefits: 

  • High antioxidant benefits: This is one of the most important benefits of this vitamin C immunity booster. Vitamin C is considered the best natural antioxidant as it scavenges on free radicals effectively. When you work out, the body goes into a state of stress which increases the free radical levels. This vitamin immune booster protects your cells and tissues from oxidative stress, giving you more benefits of a good lifestyle and diet. 

  • Boosts your immunity: The primary object of this vitamin C immunity booster powder is to help improve the strength of your immune system immediately after a workout. Because of the relationship between vitamin C and immune system, top athletes consume vitamin C tablets or supplements immediately after training. This supplement gives you four potent sources of vitamin C, enhancing the production of the lymphocytes which are responsible for fighting off pathogens. You get vitamin C with zinc benefits to keep your immune system well balanced and healthy. 

  • Enhances recovery after training: The use of vitamins for immunity after a good workout also potentially enhances the ability of the muscles to recover. Since this vitamin immune booster keeps free radicals at bay, the stress on the muscles after a workout is significantly reduced. This helps in faster recovery and lesser stiffness or soreness of your muscles. 

  • Improves iron absorption: Besides the benefits of vitamin C and immune system, this supplement is also designed to make your diet more enriching. Vitamin C with zinc benefits enable your body to absorb more iron. As a result, you have higher levels of energy when you are training and much after. Iron is an important component of hemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen to the whole body. Therefore, using these vitamins for immunity right after a workout can give you many health benefits. 

  • Made with pure ingredients: bGREEN Immunity powder is made with completely natural and pure ingredients. It also makes use of cane sugar instead of refined sugar to give you a product that can suit your fitness goals. This immunity boosting powder does not contain any dairy or gluten. It is also free from any non-GMO ingredients, making it the best and safest immunity powder to use right after your workout. 

  • How to use bGREEN Vitamin C Immunity Booster Powder

    Using this vitamin immune booster is extremely easy. Just follow three simple steps to make a great vitamin C immunity drink. 

    • Add 1 level scoop of bGREEN immunity booster powder to 200ml of water. 
    • Shake it well for 20-30 seconds using a shaker. 
    • Drink it right after your workout to get the benefits of vitamin C and immunity response. 

    Just make sure that you stick to the recommended dosage on the jar to prevent any health issues as a result of overconsumption. 

    bGREEN vitamin immune booster is also available in a delicious orange flavour. So, it refreshes you instantly even after the most tiring workout session. For higher energy, faster recovery, and enhanced immunity every day, give yourself the advantage of a healthy and natural post-workout supplement.