Top 7 Trending Meat Alternates | bGREEN's VEGAN List 2021

by Team bGREEN on December 15, 2021

Are you looking for some delicious swaps for chicken or meat in a recipe? Have you heard of seitan or any of the trending meat alternatives yet? Did you know that there are several highly nourishing and great tasting meat alternatives that you can try especially if you plan to go vegan? 

Well, because of the effects non-vegetarian diets have on animals, the environment and our health, veganism is taking over food choices like never before. 

The best part is that the vegan food industry is offering a wide range of mock meat alternatives also known as vegetarian meat which are largely derived from vegetables, legumes and soy-based ingredients. If making a diet change has been on your mind for long, vegan meat alternatives and plant-based proteins can be wonderful options to give it a shot. 

Whether you’re trying to go vegetarian or looking to incorporate more plant-based foods in your diet, finding meat alternatives may require a little thinking out of the box. So do not worry, we have got you covered. Here’s an interesting blog with the top 10 trending meat alternatives to try for your next dinner plans. 

Seven Amazing Vegan Meat Alternatives

Trying vegan alternatives or mock meat is a great idea to experience new recipes. The best part remains the resemblance to meat in flavours, texture and appearance. Here are a bunch of vegan alternatives that make for excellent meat replacements and an excellent way to curb those meat cravings with plant-based foods. 

#1 Tofu

Tofu is popularly known as ‘vegan chicken’. It is one of the classic vegan meat alternatives and a great source of wholesome nutrition in Asian cuisine for a long time now. Similar to chicken, this soy-based vegan protein is very versatile as it easily absorbs the spices and aromas from marinades. 

Tofu is made from soaked soybeans which are mashed with water to form solid meat-like chunks. You can also use Tofu as an egg, paneer, or meat replacement in most dishes. It is available in countless variations including smoked versions, marinated, aromatic varieties flavoured with herbs and spices for added taste. You can consume this vegan chicken with all the neutral flavours and similar tastes. 

#2 Seitan 

Seitan is a protein derived from wheat. A great vegan meat substitute with the same consistency and seasoning with similar flavours. Seitan is a popular mock meat substitute that has been a staple cuisine in Asian meals. High on protein and carbohydrates, it is made by washing wheat with water until it forms starchy granules. It gets its meaty texture by boiling and steaming the raw dough. Seitan is a great vegan mutton substitute that can be made at home. It is also gluten-free making it an irresistible food choice for all vegan lovers. 

#3 Pea Protein 

The humble pea is one of the royal members of the plant-based protein sources that have been carving a niche for themselves lately as vegan meat replacements. There are various pea-based protein products available in the market as a combination of vegetables, spices and spreads. It is becoming one of the majorly added ingredients in vegan health supplements and peanut butter spreads.

One such organic and healthier peanut butter is bGREEN Vegan Peanut Butter. It is plant-based peanut butter with the lowest fat. Made with the finest quality of peanuts, pea protein and brown rice protein, this can easily become your go-to snack option for an active vegan lifestyle and weight management. The fact that peanut butter is high in protein makes it an ideal meat or paneer replacement especially when you have fitness needs to meet. 

#4 Jackfruit 

As the name implies, jackfruit is a close member of the figs family and holds a similar consistency to shredded meat. It is one of the popular vegan meat substitutes that give you the right texture, taste and even appearance of your desired meat. It packs some good nutritional sources and the fact that you can cook, shred or chunk it like any other meat makes it a great option for the mock meat substitute to make tasty main courses. 

#5 Black Beans

If you’re missing eating junky burgers, black beans are here to make you feel happy. Black beans are one of the popular vegan chicken and vegan mutton substitutes for various patties and vegan burgers. Black beans are rich in protein and fibre. They contain potent antioxidants making them a popular and delicious alternative to ready-made products and fast food options. 

#6 Eggplant

Eggplant is a famous ingredient in the vegan world because of its versatility and the satisfaction it offers as mock meat. It has a rich meaty taste which makes a great vegan meat choice for those looking to introduce something new to their vegan dining tables. You can prepare meatballs or use them as grounding meat to add to your sauces. 

#7 Lentils

Lentils are one of the options to add high protein and much-needed texture to vegan meals which is one of the great reasons that they make a popular vegan meat choice. Lentils can be made into vegan meatballs to fill your mock meat cravings. 

Vegan food choices and meals are a thoughtful way to contribute to the environment and our health. Topping them with vegan meat and vegetarian chicken substitutes makes them even more fun to eat. So, if you’re still confused about what to eat to kill your chicken cravings, you just got yourself a list of plant-based chicken and mock meat substitutes to start with!