The Best Natural Pre Workout Drink | Caffeine-Free Pre Workout

by Team bGREEN on June 01, 2021

No bluffing when we say finding a natural pre-workout or to be clear a “caffeine free pre-workout” in the market can be tricky!

It's a fact that the majority of fitness folks rely on caffeine pre-workouts for accelerating their stamina levels before a workout. 

Hold it! Then why do we need an alternative? Well, the truth be told, as effective as caffeine is for energy levels, one cannot simply ignore that it has its fair share of adverse health issues which might make you rethink.

Let's dig some dirt,

The Untold Caffeine Story

First things first, caffeine is a stimulant drug. Meaning it fastens up the messages traveling between the brain and the body resulting in noticeable effects like alertness and wakefulness (temporary though) necessary for athletes and bodybuilders.

The fact it acts like a drug is what makes its usage twisted. Excessive use can easily lead to some uncomfortable symptoms,

  • Many people feel the 'pre-workout kicking in' with a jittery feeling which honestly is not cool. 
  • But, that's not all. The main problem begins when you are regularly using it and then stops. The abruptness of the situation can lead to withdrawal syndrome because caffeine can be addictive and let's face it, we all know that already. 
  • What happens next? The withdrawal syndrome increases your urge to regularize it and if you don't you can experience pretty serious headaches, impaired sleep issues, and even anxiety. 
  • Here comes the saddest part. This in addition, directly or indirectly hampers your overall performance output and this is why many athletes refrain from using it.


Finding a natural pre-workout drink or a caffeine-free pre-workout as effective as caffeine can be challenging. 


What Do I Trade My Caffeine For?

Caffeine is known for increasing blood pressure and even though it is one of the reliant sources for an instant boost in stamina levels, let's not neglect the fact that it comes at a serious price that your health has to bear.

The best natural caffeine-free pre-workout on our list has to be the one recommended widely by fitness gurus around the globe and it is none other than the food super rich in nitrates called beetroot!

Beetroot As A Natural Pre-workout Drink!! 

Beetroot is a superfood that does not require much information as we all know its impressive benefit to our blood flow and stamina levels in general. 

Beet benefits are ample and taking beetroot before workout in raw, juice, or supplement form is always fruitful for increasing performance output.

Athletes heavily rely on this as it is the most natural pre-workout supplement base with zero artificial or harmful stimulants. You get a natural nitrate hit for athletic excellence which is much needed for stamina, endurance, and reduced fatigue.

Don't Trust What We Say, Trust Science!

  • A study by the Journal of Applied Physiology reflected an improvement in the maximum cardio output in those people who regularly drank beetroot juice before exercising.
  • There is another study to back beet benefits which was conducted on master trained swimmers (in their late thirties). 
  • It was a study on controlled swim tests with and without the beet juice which later revealed that swimmers significantly increased their anaerobic threshold after consumption of the supplementation compared to testing without.
  • Additionally, it was found that it was increased oxygen capacity that allowed them to swim longer.

However, more research might be needed when it comes to highly trained swimmers.

Beetroot Bringing Down Caffeine A Few Notches

We would suggest moving to bGREEN Up-Beet Pre-Workout because it is any day a better alternative to caffeine, as it contains zero stimulants and yet you can feel that muscle pump while you go for an extra rep. 

You become more alert with better circulation leading to more oxygen supply to the brain which happens because of the nitric-oxide-induced blood flow.

Whatever caffeine can do, beetroot juice or supplementation can do with no adverse effects on your health. So take a good pre-workout meal with balanced carbs and protein profile and do not forget to take a nitrate hit over caffeine for performance excellence in the most healthiest way.

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