Must-Try VEGAN & Vegetarian Recipes for Diwali 2021

by Team bGREEN on November 01, 2021

Are you someone looking to add a healthy twist to your celebrations with some VEGAN//Vegetarian recipes for Diwali? Well, this article is the perfect read for you. Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil. The most awaited and celebrated festival calls for sweetmeats and snacks. But, with a growing focus on health vegan sweets and snacks are fast becoming a choice of many who are happily making healthier choices, while still keeping the traditions alive. 

So, if you’re looking for vegan Diwali recipes to celebrate your festivities, here are a bunch of healthy Diwali veg recipes to try this festive season. Pack your Diwali feast this year with these delicious recipes that are plant-based and easy to prepare at home.

Five Amazing Vegetarian Recipes For Diwali

Before you go hunting through gazillion of diwali menu ideas for vegetarians dishes and sweets. Here's a life saver with five hand-picked selections of Diwali veg recipes of sweets, snacks, and savouries perfect for your Diwali celebration.

1 Cashew Burfi Truffles

These sweet morsels are a staple for Diwali celebrations. Cashew truffle burfies are packed with the health benefits of nuts and a delightful treat to satisfy those sweet cravings in a healthy way. This dish is vegan and gluten-free as well. You can prepare these vegan Diwali sweets by following the mentioned steps:

  • Take 500gms of cashews and soak them in hot water for at least an hour.
  • Take the soaked cashews along with jaggery or raw sugar, cardamom powder, a pinch of salt, and some saffron strands. Put everything into a blender and form a thick smooth paste.
  • Chill the batter for about an hour and later coat them with cocoa powder or your choice of vanilla/coconut powders.

2 Coconut Almond Laddoos

Now, what’s a festival without laddoos?! Yes, these are easy, festive, and fun to make laddoos are sure to rock your vegan Diwali with its goodness. These laddoos are packed with health benefits for those looking for healthier versions of Diwali sweets. You can prepare these vegan Diwali sweets by following the mentioned steps:

  • Grind the almonds and oats into a dry smooth powder
  • Add the dry powder into a bowl with coconut flakes, maple syrup, choice of vegan milk, oil, and sugar. Mix it to form a concrete texture. 
  • Make small and soft doughs and chill them for an hour.

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3 Quinoa Patties with Chickpea 

Fresh out from our diwali menu ideas for vegetarians, we brought a recipe to add to your Diwali veg dinner menu, a tangy twist. Here's a savoured version of Tikki chole to bring back those childhood memories. The star of the show, quinoa makes this Diwali veg recipe list even more attractive. Here are the steps to make this Diwali veg recipe:

  • Mash boiled potatoes. Add onions, quinoa, spices, cilantro, ginger, and bread crumbs.
  • Mix well and form patties. Pan roast with little oil 
  • Take your boiled chickpeas and mix your chopped onions, chilies, tomatoes, spices, and lime juice.
  • Serve hot with a side salad.

After this vegan delicacy, up next on our diwali veg recipe list is the crunchy snack that is loved by all throughout the year and a little extra during this season of light. 

4 Chakli/Murukku: All-Time Favorite Diwali Veg Recipe

A savoury crunchy snack to complement your Diwali veg lunch menu. It is one of the healthy snacks that are easy to make with all the handy ingredients in your kitchen. This is a gluten-free recipe making all the vegans at your Diwali get together happy with its crunch. Follow these easy steps to make this vegan Diwali snack:

  • Take your rice flour, add vegan butter, oil, back pepper, sesame seeds and form a consistent batter.
  • Heat enough oil in a pan for medium fry.
  • Grease your chakli maker and pour the batter into the maker.
  • Fry the chaklis for 6-7 minutes.
  • Take it off the heat and let them chill before serving. 

And next up is the special diwali vegetarian dinner menu. 


5 Almond Kheer: Diwali Vegetarian Dinner Menu

You’ll be surprised at just how familiar this kheer tastes to the classic, dairy-based version. This delicious almond kheer is a great dessert fit for your Diwali vegetarian dinner menu. Made with non-dairy milk, it is one of the absolutely loved vegan Diwali sweets. Here are the steps to make this savory desert:

  • Heat the rice of your choice with water and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer it for 15 minutes.
  • Add almond milk, vanilla, and sugar. Let it simmer and stir it occasionally till the texture gets thick.
  • Take it off the heat and add in your favorite nuts and enjoy!

Diwali is nothing without good food and celebrations. With these healthy yet tasty recipes, you can take your Diwali celebrations to another level. So, if you’re still confused about your Diwali dinner/lunch menus, you just got yourself some amazing vegetarian recipes for Diwali. Try these out and celebrate a great time this festive season!