5 Benefits of A Plant-based Diet No One Told You About

by Team bGREEN on August 07, 2020

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Whether a plant-based diet is good for you, has been a debatable issue for many years. You might find many people in your group claiming that the plant diet is incomplete and doesn’t offer as many benefits as other diets.

Nothing can beat the awesomeness of whole foods and fresh ingredients. A plant-based diet is a breeze of freshness and good health. Whole foods and a plant-based diet run on foods that are minimally processed and include mostly plants. It promotes weight loss and enhances your overall health.

Let’s dive in deeper to know more about it.

What can be termed as a whole-foods plant-based diet?

While there is no clear definition of this, what we can tell you is that rather than being a specific type of diet with lots of little details, it is a lifestyle that you adapt.

The key to adopting a plant-based diet is:

  • Bid adieu to processed foods
  • Include whole foods
  • Plants, vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts, and whole grains are your best friends
  • You’ll have to break up with refined sugar, white flour, and processed oils

Wait, are you thinking that you’re going all vegan or vegetarian? Well, there might be similarities in a vegan/vegetarian diet and a plant-based diet, they are different in certain aspects. Vegan people refrain from using any kind of animal products and this includes dairy, poultry, eggs, seafood, meat, and even honey. While vegetarians can have a lot more things except for meat and poultry items. However, you can also find a species of vegetarians eating eggs and seafood. The world is an amazing place and so are people!

A whole-food plant-based diet gives you more freedom of food choices. You have a lot of veggies and fruits to make your mealtime a happy time

Now, let’s understand why you should opt for a plant-based diet.

5 reasons to fall in love with a plant-based diet

1. You can fit into your old pair of denim

Weight loss is every second person’s dream on this planet. Obesity, a widespread problem across the world, is the cause of various health issues. A plant-based diet is a great choice if you want to shed those extra kilos and get into shape. Since whole foods are fiber-rich, you feel full soon and for longer hours and this keeps you away from cravings. This helps with weight loss. Also, vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. are rich in nutrients that balance your overall health. Many studies have been conducted that show that people who are on a plant-based diet lose more weight than the ones who are consuming animal foods.

2. Keep your heart healthy

When you follow this diet, you are doing a favor to your heart. Plant-based diets are great for your heart’s health but you have to be cautious regarding the quality and the choice of food items. Various studies have been conducted to establish whether plant-based diets are good for the heart, and a study conducted on more than 2,00,000 people stated that by consuming fresh vegetables, fruits, games, seeds and nuts, and whole grains, you can be at the reduced risk of developing heart disease when compared to people who eat animal or another diet. But, be careful with the food choices you make.

3. Can be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer

Some studies suggest that a plant-based diet is helpful in lowering the risk of various types of cancer. In a study conducted on more than 69,000 people, it was found that vegetarian diets can bring down the risk of developing gastrointestinal cancer and especially in those vegetarians who consume eggs and dairy. Another study revealed that vegetarians have a 22% lesser risk of having colorectal cancer as compared to non-vegetarians.

4. Can be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Many studies have stated that a vegetarian diet rich in fruits and fresh vegetables can help in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly. Since plant-based diets are rich in antioxidants, they help in reducing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and also restrict cognitive decline. Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of having cognitive impairment and dementia by 20%.

5. Can be helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a common health issue these days. Many studies have shown a plant-based diet to be helpful in reducing the risk of developing diabetes. A study revealed that people who consumed plant-based diets had around 50% reduction in the risk of having type 2 diabetes, in comparison to people who consumed non-vegetarians. Plant-based diets also help in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic people.

A few more reasons to love plant-based diets:

  • Helps in lowering blood pressure & benefits hypertension patients
  • Reduced cholesterol levels due to high fiber intake
  • Veggies and fruits like spinach, kiwi, kale, etc. help in improving vision
  • Vitamins & phytochemicals in fruits and veggies improve skin health
  • Glucosinolates in plants help in liver detoxification

Apart from these, what’s even better is, you’re saving the planet. Plant-based diets are extremely helpful in protecting our environment and keeping mama Earth happy. With sustainable eating patterns, you can help in lowering the emission of greenhouse gases, water, and land consumption for factory farming. These factors contribute to the rising levels of global warming and you can help in bringing them down. You are also going to prevent marine life destruction and stand strong against animal cruelty.

Wrapping up

So, you can easily switch to a plant-based diet now without much hesitation. It offers numerous health benefits and is great for protecting our environment and the planet. Just be careful of the food choices you make and the quality. Plant-based diets are a great source to enhance your overall health

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