Mega Saver - Salon Like Hair - Biotin Triple Pack
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Mega Saver - Salon Like Hair - Biotin Triple Pack

Triple Packs Of Biotin
Hair Growth & Strength

Hair Growth & Strength

Natural Biotin For Keratin Production

Natural Biotin For Keratin Production

Herbs For Thicker Hair

Herbs For Thicker Hair

100% natural & plant based Biotin powder for stronger & healthier hair.


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    Natural Plant Based Biotin Powder for stronger, longer, and beautiful hair

     Hair is among the most prominent features of your body that adds a great deal to your aesthetics. A good hair care routine means adding our 100% plant based biotin powder in your busy lifestyle for glossy, strong, and thicker strands that will turn heads.

    Benefits Of Natural bGREEN PLANT-BASED BIOTIN Powder:

    - Powerful formulation for stronger and healthier hair

    - 10000 mcg natural plant biotin, known for stimulating keratin production in hair

    - Strengthens and prevents hair thinning with 350mg natural silica

    - 100mg Covi-Ox (Vitamin E) has natural antioxidant effects that support a healthy scalp and hair growth

    - 30mg herbs like Fenugreek Seed Extract, Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract & Panax ginseng for hair health

    - Tasty fruit punch flavor that everyone will love

    Step 1
    Add 1 level scoop 6g in 200ml cold/normal water
    Step 2
    Mix with spoon for 20-30 seconds
    Step 3
    Enjoy your biotin potion for healthier hair
    Natural Silica

    Natural Silica

    Our plant biotin helps to rejuvenate dull hair with natural and rich shine
    Vitamin C & Bamboo Shoot Extract

    Vitamin C & Bamboo Shoot Extract

    Known for scalp-soothing properties. They facilitate blood circulation for strong and thicker mane. Bamboo shoot's anti-irritant property promotes hair growth
    Herbs & Vitamin E

    Herbs & Vitamin E

    With natural antioxidants effects vitamin E & herbs like 'fenugreek seed extract' supports a healthy scalp and mainly promotes hair growth
    Natural Biotin From Sunflower Seeds

    Natural Biotin From Sunflower Seeds

    Our herbal biotin facilitates keratin production which further makes hair strands full and glossy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Biotin?

    Biotin is one of the B vitamins involved in a wide range of metabolic processes that keeps your eyes, hair, skin, nervous system and liver healthy.

    One can get biotin from the following sources: cooked eggs, peanuts, soybeans, brewer’s yeast and walnuts etc. A miss of this vitamin can lead to symptoms ranging anywhere from thinning of hair to some nervous system symptoms as concerning as hallucination, exhaustion and depression.


    bGREEN plant-based herb biotin is absolutely perfect for those who understand the actual struggle of maintaining healthy and strong hair. It is a thoughtful created product with herbs like  fenugreek seed extract, ginkgo. Additionally, it is enriched with Natural Vitamin C, 100mg Covi-Ox (Vitamin E) for hair growth, 350mg natural silica for strengthening hair and preventing thinning and 30mg herbs for hair health.

    Not to forget with10000 mcg of natural herbal biotin in the mix, you are sure to get hydrated, healthy, strong and happy hair. 

    Is bGREEN bGREEN PLANT-BASED HERB BIOTIN natural & safe for consumption?

    Yes. Our bGREEN PLANT-BASED HERB BIOTIN is made from natural ingredients and is 100% VEGAN. Moreover, it is gluten, dairy and soy-free with non-gmo ingredients. Given its plant-based nature and the fact that it is made with natural ingredients, this is 100% safe for consumption. 

    How To Consume bGREEN PLANT Biotin Powder?

    One can simply consume our plant biotin by adding 1 scoop (6g) in 200 ml cold/normal water. We recommend mixing vigorously till uniform and taking 1 serving per day or as suggested by your dietitian.