Mega Saver - Daily Vitamins - Twin Pack

Two Packs Of Daily Vitamins, 60N & 30N
Superfood & WholeFood Blend

Superfood & WholeFood Blend

100% Daily Micronutrients & Energy

100% Daily Micronutrients & Energy

K2 (MK-7) Delays Daily Fatigue

K2 (MK-7) Delays Daily Fatigue

100% natural and plant-based capsules with complete vitamins profile for daily micronutrients & energy.


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    bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins for energy, immunity & daily well being

    Multivitamins are essential for daily stamina, as much for an active lifestyle as for general wellness. bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins make up for your daily energy & immunity. Moreover, it is a natural daily detoxifier.

    Benefits Of bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins:

    - Complete vitamins profile

    - Experience energy boost with 2 capsules daily

    - Superfoods & wholesome foods like acerola, moringa along with guava, lemon, basil, and vitamins powder are perfect to facilitate general well-being

    - Enriched with B vitamins, it delays fatigue and helps maintain metabolic function

    - Vitamin A, C & D3 maintains daily immunity and ensure healthy skin & hair

    Step 1
    Pull out 2 capsules with a glass of normal water
    Step 2
    Consume directly with breakfast
    Step 3
    Voila! Your dose of everyday energy, immunity & well-being
    Superfood & WholeFood Blend

    Superfood & WholeFood Blend

     100% vegan blend of natural ingredients like acerola, moringa, guava, and many other superfoods & wholesome ingredients for general well-being
    K2 (M-K7)

    K2 (M-K7)

    Delays fatigue and can boost energy that we need for daily activeness
    Vitamin A, C & D3

    Vitamin A, C & D3

    Promotes healthier skin and hair, while simultaneously boositng immunity naturally
    B Vitamins

    B Vitamins

    Helps support metabolic functioning, energy levels and healthy brain function

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Is There A Need For Multivitamins?

    Multivitamins are essential for daily functioning, immunity, and health. bGREEN multivitamins is a product for sedentary, active, and fit-life individuals as everybody needs vitamins for well-being. People tend to suffer from poor eating habits and often become prone to chronic diseases due to lack of vitamins boost in their diet.

    bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins is the perfect option as 2 capsules of this ensures daily energy, immunity and delays fatigue.

    Why Should One Choose bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins?

    bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins is thoughtfully formulated with the aim to make up for all the essential vitamins that go missing in our diet. Active or sedentary lifestyle, we all need vitamins for daily stamina to get through the day. Also, they are essential to keep us safe from chronic diseases by strengthening our immunity.

    What Is the Ideal Amount & Time To Consume bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins Capsules?

    Ideally you should consume 2 capsules daily with breakfast. Consume it with water.

    Is bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins 100% VEGAN And Natural?

    Yes. As the name suggests, bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins is made from all natural wholefoods and superfoods like Acerola, Moringa, Guava, Lemon and Basil. Moreover, living upto the brand values, our formulation is 100% VEGAN as always.

    Is bGREEN Plant-Based Natural Multivitamins safe for consumption?

    Yes. All bGREEN products are 100% safe for consumption given their plant-based nature and the fact that we use only natural ingredients. However, in case of serious medical conditions, we recommend consulting a doctor or nutritionist before using any supplement for that matter.