Mega Saver - Bone Strength - Twin Pack

Two Packs Of Calcium, 60N & 30N
Bone Strength & Health

Bone Strength & Health

Immunity & Energy

Immunity & Energy

Faster Calcium Absorption

Faster Calcium Absorption

100% VEGAN natural calcium capsules for calcium binding and absorption with vitamins like D3, K2, C, and magnesium. All, for stronger and healthier bones & teeth


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    bGREEN Plant Based VEGAN Calcium Builder For Stronger & Healthier Bones

    Our body requires calcium for stronger bones and teeth. bGREEN’s Vegan Calcium Supplement benefits your bone density most naturally with Vitamin D3 & C for better calcium absorption. It is a great vegan/veg multivitamin making it a choice for everyone.

    Benefits Of bGREEN Plant-Based All Natural Calcium:

    - Natural calcium (Aquamin® TG) helps in bone health & strength

    - Vitamin K2 (Menaquin Gold®) supports normal calcium binding

    - VitashineTM (Vitamin D3), Magnesium & Acerola Cherry Extract (Vitamin C) aids in calcium absorption & preventing osteoporosis

    - Magnesium promotes bones density and heals bones by increasing the production of bone protein

    - All natural calcium is great for keeping your bones and teeth stronger

    - 100% VEGAN and naturally gluten & dairy-free

    Step 1
    Take 2 capsules with a glass of water
    Step 2
    Consume directly with meals for more effective results
    Step 3
    Voila! Experience stronger and healthier bones every day


    Magnesium aids in healing bones by increasing the production of bone protein. Furthermore, it promotes bones density
    Vitamin K2

    Vitamin K2

    With Menaquin Gold® that supports normal calcium-binding. K2 activates a protein that helps the mineral bind to our bones, for calcium production
    Vitamin D3 & C

    Vitamin D3 & C

    100% VEGAN vitamins sources from VitashineTM (Vitamin D3) & Acerola Cherry Extract (Vitamin C) for calcium absorption and preventing osteoporosis. Moreover, they help in boosting daily immunity & energy
    All Natural Calcium

    All Natural Calcium

    With AquaminTG for holistic support to bones, to maintain and strengthen them

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Taking A Vegan Calcium Supplement Necessary?

    Calcium is crucial for our bones and teeth thereby, the need for keeping your calcium levels in check is utmost important. To ensure this, adding calcium supplements to your routine helps a great deal as you get the necessary amount required on a daily basis with Vitamins for better absorption and minerals for denser bones.

    Is bGREEN’s Vegan Calcium Supplement Safe For Consumption?

    Given its plant-based nature and the usage of natural ingredients, we can say that our plant based calcium supplement is 100% safe for consumption. Please consume daily as per label instructions for optimal results.

    Is bGREEN Plant Based Calcium Supplement 100% VEGAN?

    Yes, bGREEN vegan calcium supplement is 100% VEGAN mix. Generally, many brands in the market have vitamin D3 derived from animal source thereby making it non-vegan but bGREEN contains only plant-based ingredients and is sourced from VEGAN sources only.

    Can active individuals use bGREEN Plant Based Calcium Supplement?

    Yes. Our vegan calcium supplement is perfect for sedentary as well as active individuals who workout. Since exercise performance and aging makes our bones weaker, we need to ensure our calcium levels don’t suffer. Especially those who train with heavy equipment put extra stress on their muscles, thereby, our 100% VEGAN calcium supplement comes in handy for bone health and even recovery which is vital for improved performance.

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