Mega Saver -  Beauty Combo Pack - Biotin & Collagen
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Mega Saver - Beauty Combo Pack - Biotin & Collagen

Pack of Biotin & Collagen
Hair Growth And Strength

Hair Growth And Strength

Wrinkle-Free Radiant Skin

Wrinkle-Free Radiant Skin

Nail Growth And Strength

Nail Growth And Strength

The power of more than 4 powerful blends in a pack of 2 for youthful skin, voluminous hair, and brittle-free nails. 100% plant-based mix that is suitable for all with no side-effects


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    bGREEN Biotin & Collagen Mega Saver Combo Pack - For Youthful Skin, Hair & Nail Health

    Mega Saver Pack For Youthful Skin, Voluminous Hair & Brittle-Free Nails

    Get these benefits with the power of 2 plant-based blends:

    - Reduces hair-fall & supports hair growth

    - Skin hydration blend for radiance and even tone

    - Enriched with VIT C that provides UV protection

    - Ensures skin glow & elasticity for wrinkle-free skin

    - 10,000mcg biotin for voluminous, glossy & frizz-free hair

    - Strengthens nails to avoid brittle nails

    Step 1
    Add 1 level scoop 6g (for Biotin) & 1 level scoop 12.5g (for Collagen), separately in 200ml cold/normal water
    Step 2
    Mix with spoon for 20-30 seconds
    Step 3
    Use regularly for 3 months, for best results
    Nail Health

    Nail Health

    Brittle nails are common with a deficiency of necessary nutrients which make them break easily. Hyaluronic acid & vitamin c in our blend helps with nail strength and growth
    Sun Protection

    Sun Protection

    Vitamin C helps in protection from harmful rays of the sun so that you can enjoy the summer sun without worrying about the tan
    Healthier Skin

    Healthier Skin

    Biotin and collagen both play a vital role in improving the skin texture by naturally reducing wrinkles & fine lines. Moreover, they help in improvind skin tone by reducing pigmentation
    Hair Health

    Hair Health

    Our plant-based blends contain 10,000mcg biotin that supports keratin production, hair growth & hair-fall control