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bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix

15 Servings, Raspberry Lemon, 250g






Fuel up your workout performance with bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix that has the power of natural caffeine, herbs & beetroots


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    Fuel up workout with natural caffeine & herbs

    An advanced vegan pre-workout formula has been launched in the form of this product. It contains a potent blend of natural caffeine, beetroot & herbs that serves as an excellent pre-workout aid. It is your natural pre workout drink that helps in improving alertness, energy & focus during workout & minimizing muscle fatigue after intense workout activity. It also boosts muscle firing rates along with building better stamina and endurance. Beetroot is a great source of dietary nitrates and helps in enhancing the blood flow to your muscles. This also leads to improved exercise performance.

    Add 1 level scoop to 200ml chilled water
    Shake for 20-30 seconds in a shaker
    Enjoy chilled for next level performance
    Delicious taste

    Delicious taste

    Raspberry lemon flavour for refreshing experience
    Made with natural ingredients

    Made with natural ingredients

    Natural caffeine, ashwagandha, ginseng to boost your performance
    100% Vegan & plant-based

    100% Vegan & plant-based

    A natural & vegan energy mix which is a excellent pre-workout aid
    Natural caffeine & herbs

    Natural caffeine & herbs

    Helps in improving focus & energy during workout

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix safe for consumption?

    Yes, it is totally safe to consume. bGREEN is a 100% vegan plant-based that is made from natural sources and contains no harmful additives, sugars, artificial sweeteners.

    Can vegans consume this Pre-workout Energy Mix?

    Yes. bGREEN is exclusively crafted for all vegans and vegetarians. It is made from plant-based sources and contains no harmful ingredients. It is free from soy, gluten, and dairy and is a perfect fit for all vegans.

    Is bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix inferior to other pre-workouts?

    No, not in any way. It has natural caffeine, herbs & beet blend which gives you a natural pump & energy during workout. In fact, it has MCT in it, which allows you to burn more fat as a source of energy during workout.

    Is bGREEN Pre-workout Energy Mix made from natural ingredients?

    Yes, it is made from natural ingredients. It is 100% vegan and contains no artificial sweeteners or sugars. It is soy, gluten, and dairy-free.

    I am a woman & not sure about the Pre-workout Energy Mix. Can I still consume bGREEN?

    Yes, you can. bGREEN is a 100% vegan source of pre-workout ingredients that is made from plant sources. It helps you in fuelling your daily workout/performance needs without any artificial stimulation

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