bGREEN Nuts & Seeds Vegan Snack Bars - Pack of 6

Pack of 6 Bars
100% Vegan

100% Vegan

High Fibre

High Fibre

Zero Added Sugar

Zero Added Sugar

Indulge into the goodness of oats, seeds & nuts wrapped with VEGAN goodness for your daily snacking
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If you are a vegan fitness fanatic looking for something delicious and nutritious to munch on, this bar is the right choice. Made with dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and oats, this bar is what you need to fulfill your protein and nutrient needs. This vegan snack bar is also rich in fiber and protein per with no soy and dairy elements.

This bar is a clean source of vegan nutrition as it contains no processed sugar, artificial ingredients, and trans fats. The natural flavor of this vegan snack bar makes it a delight to consume.

On-the go breakfast
Pre-workout snack
Post-workout snack
Delicious flavours

Delicious flavours

Available in two delectable flavours whch makes it a yummiest vegan bar ever
Longer satiety

Longer satiety

Rich in fibre & protein to keep you fulfilled for longer
Sustained energy

Sustained energy

Wholesome blend of macros to sustain your energy reserves a way longer
Rich in wholefoods

Rich in wholefoods

Crafted with healthy goodness of dry fruits, nuts, seeds & oats to fulfill your daily snacking indulgence

Frequently Asked Questions

How is bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bars are different from other bars? 

bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan snack bars are 100% vegan wrapped with the goodness of nuts, seeds, dry fruits & oats which you need to fulfill your daily protein, fibre & nutrient needs. These bars are clean source of nutrition with no dairy & soy element. 

Why one should purchase bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bar? 

  • 100% vegan
  • High fibre
  • No processed sugar
  • Non-GMO ingredients

Who can consume bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bars? 

bGREEN nuts & seeds bar is an ideal snack replacement that helps to stay away from unhealthy and untimely munching regardless of your fitness growth. 

I do not go to Gym. Can I use bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bar? 

Even an average person leading a sedentary lifestyle requires proteins & nutrients for usual body maintenance. Regular diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for the body. So, it is advised to consume these vegan bars irrespective of your lifestyle.

What is the best time to eat bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bars ? 

bGREEN nuts & seeds vegan bars can be used during breakfast or as a pre or post workout snack

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