bGREEN 100% Vegan Lean Plant Protein (For men & women)

Servings per container - 23 & 15
Weight Loss Support

Weight Loss Support

Lean Protein Blend

Lean Protein Blend

Increased Metabolism

Increased Metabolism

100% plant-based pea protein blend for weight loss support with fat burner, metabolism boosters & fiber to keep you satiated.


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    bGREEN Lean Protein For Weight Loss

    Scientifically proven ingredients for weight loss support

    - Fat burner blend for cutting down fat naturally with green tea & l-carnitine

    - Dietary fiber content helps in suppressing appetite

    - Pea plant protein & pumpkin seeds blend with 18g protein

    - Metabolism boosting blend with carnipure, capsimax & garcinia cambogia

    - Contain non-caloric sweetener sucralose

    - 100% vegan & dairy-free formulation

    Step 1
    AAdd 1 level scoop (32g) to 250ml chilled water
    Step 2
    Mix with a spoon for 20-30
    Step 3
    Experience the weight loss journey in the most delicious way
    18g Protein

    18g Protein

    Made with pea protein & pumpkin seeds our lean protein keeps you fuller for long and aids with daily protein requirement
    Weight Loss Blend

    Weight Loss Blend

    Our scientifically proven ingredients like carnipure, capsimax & garcinia cambogia, help in cutting fat and accelerating metabolism
    High Fiber

    High Fiber

    Fiber is known to be a fullfuling nutrient that keeps you full for long and supresses appetite
    Suppresses Appetite

    Suppresses Appetite

    Green tea & l-carnitine helps in burning fats and in suppressing hunger cravings that add up to weight gain

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should use bGREEN lean protein?

    Any sedentary individual who goes out for brisk walks or follows a low calorie diet but is not seeing any difference, should choose bGREEN to supplement their weight loss journey.

    It contains fat burner and metabolism boosters with scientifically proven ingredients that help cut down weight in the most healthy way.

    Is bGREEN lean protein safe for consumption?

    Yes, bGREEN lean protein is 100% safe for consumption. Given its plant-based nature, it is naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, making it an option for all. Moreover, the blend is hypoallergenic pea protein, making it allergens-free with no side-effects on skin hair or body. Plant proteins are naturally a healthy alternative to other proteins in the market.

    Is weight loss from bGREEN lean protein natural?

    Weight loss is a natural process followed by the right diet, nutrition and exercise. Our supplement is natural and 100% plant-based making it a healthy protein shake that keeps you full for long. Our scientifically proven ingredients help in burning fat and naturally boosting metabolism. Most importantly it contains dietary fiber that keeps you satiated and helps avoid hunger pangs.

    Who is this product for?

    This is a product specially designed for people who want to lose weight. Especially those who have been following the right diet and exercise but are seeing no results despite. Supplementation helps in ensuring that your efforts pay off and our bGREEN plant protein is essentially made keeping in mind the need for cutting fats and accelerating metabolism which further assist weight loss.

    Any sedentary individual focusing on cutting fat should take it.

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