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bGREEN 100% Vegan Protein Peanut Butter

Available in 750g & 340g
38 gm Vegan Protein

38 gm Vegan Protein

0 Added Sugars & Salts

0 Added Sugars & Salts

No Trans Fats

No Trans Fats

The world's healthiest peanut butter with lowest fat. Your go to snack option for an active weight management


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    Vegan peanut butter meets the power of plant protein

    If you believe that peanut butter is just a rich source of good fats, then, allow us to surprise you. Best peanut butter is one that comes with the goodness of protein and fats combined, and not just any fats. Only the good fats! Made with the finest quality peanuts & pea protein. bGREEN Vegan Protein Peanut Butter is an absolute delight for all vegans or anyone who is looking for a healthier version of regular peanut butter.

    A clean source of nutrition that is free from trans fats, hydrogenated oils, added sugar & salt, this bGREEN peanut butter gives you 38 gm of VEGAN protein per 100 gm (the highest in the industry). Plus, for all you VEGANs out there, it is the ‘highest protein’ peanut butter packed with 100% daily Vitamin B12 that you need daily.

    What makes it the best peanut butter is that it has no added salt and sugar, also making it a great peanut butter for weight loss.

    bGREEN 100% vegan peanut butter is suitable for anyone living an active lifestyle and even those who are looking for healthy vegan food substitutes.

    Spread on bread
    Add to your smoothie
    Top it on salad
    All natural ingredients

    All natural ingredients

    Our chocolate spread is made with all things natural. All natural. No nasties.
    0 Added salts & sugars

    0 Added salts & sugars

    The best peanut butter is one with zero nasties, ‘no salts & sugars’ that you actually don't need
    Lowest fats

    Lowest fats

    Lowest fat per serving, powered by plant protein. Check out our 'back side of the label'
    38 gm VEGAN protein

    38 gm VEGAN protein

    VEGAN protein blend to support weight management by keeping you full for long

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Peanut Butter? 

    Peanut butter is a paste made from roasted peanuts. Ingredients like peanut oil, organic sugar cane, organic vanilla, sea salt, ginger, allspice, sea salt and molasses is used to get the smooth texture and flavour. It is popular all over the world and can be used as a spread on toast, bread or can be added to smoothies. 


    Why should you eat Peanut Butter? 

    The protein in peanut butter makes it a healthier snacking option that comes in handy at all times. Why should one eat bGREEN Peanut Butter specifically? Because it contains unsaturated fats and contains all essential amino acids. Plus, this is unsweetened. Apart from that, peanut butters in general offer the following benefits such as:

    •        Works an energy booster 
    •        Full of nutrition and makes you feel fuller longer
    •        Good for bone health and heart health 
    •        Boosts immunity 
    •        May prevent cancer  

    What is the best time to eat Peanut Butter ?

    Peanut butter in the morning provide energy boost in the morning. People with strict workout in the morning can have it to get that instant energy. The protein in peanuts helps the muscles to repair quickly and easily from an intense workout. Don’t just gulp the handful of peanut butter, balance it by adding peanut butter in a smoothie, protein shake or spreading it on toast. 

    Taking peanut butter an evening snack is a great way to prevent unhealthy food cravings and giving you that energy boost when you are feeling low. You can still have some before dinner. 


    Is Peanut Butter good for weight loss? 

    Peanut butter for weight loss is an absolute health approach. If you are looking to manage weight, the best peanut butter is one with no added sugar, no cholesterol, no trans fat, no added salt and no hydrogenated oils. There are a lot of creative ways you use to add peanut butter to your diet. The key to consuming peanut butter for weight loss is in moderation. Make sure to have 2 or 3 servings of two tbsps of peanut butter a few times per week. Additionally, protein in peanut butter keeps you energetic and fuller for long, avoiding untimely hunger pangs.


    What is the healthiest Peanut Butter to eat? 

    The best peanut butter to consume is the unsweetened one with healthy fats, no added sugar, no added salt, no cholesterol, no trans fat and no hydrogenated oils making it super healthy. Plus which is only made of 100% fine roasted peanuts like bGREEN’s peanut butter. Protein in peanut butter matters! And bGREEN has the highest protein content i.e. 38g.


    Is it okay to eat Peanut Butter when trying to lose weight? 

    Peanut butter contains high level of monounsaturated fats that is not only effective in weight loss but also good for heart health.

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